Ellen’s Concern About Release Of New Book, And Her Interview With Nick Jonas About Kate Hudson

Ellen DeGeneres, the 57-year-old Louisa-born presenter, Emmy winner, and three-time Golden Globe nominee, admits to a big case of nerves when it comes to releasing her book about interior design.

“It’s a genuine passion of mine,” said Ellen, who on Tuesday will be releasing her fourth book, titled “Home,” a 304-page tome featuring her seven homes from the past twenty-five years. Ellen admits to being very nervous about how much she’s sharing, referring to her love for interior design.

“When I’m in a room, I want everything I’m looking at to make me happy!”

Ellen revealed to People that she has wanted to decorate houses since she was 13-years-old.

“I think people were kind of really surprised like, ‘Ellen’s into design?!’ But everyone who knows me and who is in my life has known that for a long time.”

Ellen really hopes that people will understand that this is a genuine passion of hers, and not just a business venture.

“I had taste before money: I’ve gotten better over the years. This didn’t happen to me right away. I shop a lot and I study a lot and I look at a lot of books and magazines. I just learned what I like. I just knew I had to get in the market. It’s like jumping into a moving jump rope. You’re kind of scared to death to do it but you have to get in there.”

Ellen DeGeneres married her partner, Portia de Rossi, seven years ago in the backyard of their Beverly Hills home, and today, their aesthetic tastes are still very compatible. Of Portia, Ellen says: “She is my everything!” Ellen and Portia have no children of their own — however, they happily fill their lives with numerous dogs, cats, horses, cows, and even mini horses.

Ellen, the totally lovable, vegan comedian, said that Portia is more into art deco than she is, but that she loves everything they’re doing together.

“We are having a hard time staying put. I keep trying to find a better home. But I’m happy. This is what I love to do.”

Ellen will soon be heading up the second season of her $100K Design Challenge, which premieres on HGTV in January.

Ellen: Finding The Good In Other People

In Salt Lake City, a patient at University Hospital found an amazing way to inspire his long-time hero. Brian McKenna, recently paralyzed in an accident, is now a patient at University Hospital. McKenna recently received a $40,000 wheelchair from his hero, Drew Brees, the New Orleans Saints quarterback and, just weeks after being featured on the Ellen show, McKenna and his friend Jackson Smith found an inspirational way to thank their extremely generous new friend, according to Deseret News.

McKenna again appeared with his friend Smith, via video, on the Ellen show. Ellen asked her guests about the New Orleans Saints.

“Our Saints are doing better and I think it has something to do with all of us. Don’t you agree?”

McKenna agreed. He said “In that first game after our last meeting, I was saying, ‘it looks like Drew is playing a little bit inspired.’ So I actually thought this week maybe I could give him something else: a little bit more inspiration.” And with that, McKenna’s breathing tube was pulled out revealing his new ability to breathe on his own.

So, with that kind of progress, it shouldn’t be too long before Brian McKenna and Jackson Smith can attend the Saints practice and game that Drew Brees invited them to.

How Weird Is Celebrity Real Estate? Ellen DeGeneres Is Nick Jonas’s Landlord!

Nick Jonas, of the Jonas Brothers, was a guest on Ellen’s show this week to showcase his new single, “Levels,” which was released on August 21 this year. Nick is a very charming guy, and during the course of their discussion he revealed a rather unusual fact about his life at the moment: he’s living in Ellen’s house! According to Cosmopolitan, Ellen joked that he is a great tenant and pays his rent on time. Asked whether he’s been taking good care of Ellen’s belongings that were left in the home, Nick admitted that everyone who comes to visit is required to use coasters to prevent water rings on the tables. Poor Nick!

“I’m so nervous, though, the whole time I’m there, because I know I’m gonna come on the show and see you and check in, and if anything’s wrong with the house it’s bad.”

What pressure for Nick!

Nick’s very excited about the fact that the house is featured in Ellen’s new book, Home, which will be released this week. “You made me feel very cool,” Nick said. “It’s surreal, living in a house in the book. It’s bizarre!” So, something to keep in mind if you’re invited over to Nick’s house — don’t forget to use a coaster!

Now Watch As Nick Jonas Tries To Avoid Ellen As She Grills Him On His (Supposed) Romance With Kate Hudson

Ellen fans would be well aware that Ellen likes to get to the bottom of everything! And as Perez Hilton reported, Ellen certainly wants to know if there’s anything going on between Nick and Kate Hudson. Trying to avoid Ellen’s questions, Nick explained that he was adjusting alone to his recent split with Olivia Culpo. But, of course there’s no stopping Ellen.

“You don’t seem to be alone, because there’s someone who ends up being in the same city as you all the time — coincidentally!”

The message here seems to be: “Don’t mess with Ellen” — when she wants to know something, she just doesn’t quit!

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