Kim Kardashian’s Pregnancy Fears Are The Same As Other Second-Time Moms

Fear not, second-time mom-to-be. You aren’t the only one terrified at the prospect of having your second child. Even Kim Kardashian is having fears about what is to come when daughter North is introduced to the new Kardashian-West baby in December.

Kardashian wrote the following on her website Friday.

“Not going to lie, I’m a little nervous about bringing baby No. 2 into the mix. I’m nervous about how North will react, but I know she’ll be such a good big sister and I can’t wait to have this addition to our family. I know it it won’t be easy— North even has a hard time adjusting when I hold other babies!”

For mothers pregnant with their second babies, there are often a lot of strong feelings involved, ranging across the entire spectrum. It’s not uncommon for a mama pregnant with her second baby to feel everything from excitement to guilt to fear — and it seems as if Kim K is experiencing many of those feelings, just like any other pregnant mother.

Kim Kardashian pregnancy fears
Pregnant Kim Kardashian and husband Kanye West at New York Fashion Week. Photo by Larry Busacca.

In March, popular parenting blogger Amy Wruble wrote on the same topic, expressing feelings about the impending arrival of her second child. The heartfelt blog post, titled “You’ll Always Be My First” gained a lot of attention, particularly after it was published on the Huffington Post.

In that article, Wruble writes an open letter to her first child. In that letter, Wruble explains to her daughter that her life will soon be changing drastically — for which she feels guilt — but that eventually all the changes will be for the better. Wruble writes as follows.

” ‘You’re my favorite person in the whole world’ is not something you’re going to hear me say anymore. Not only is it unfair to Daddy, but it really won’t go over well with your baby sister, once she’s born and learns to talk. For now, though, it’s hard not to keep thinking it.”

The blogger goes on to say that she made all her first-time mom mistakes with her first daughter, and that she feels somewhat guilty for changing her daughter’s life so dramatically. Wruble also writes that she feels guilty that her second daughter will never know what it’s like to have the undivided attention of her mother.

“This realization gives me the guilts, but then again, your sister will have some advantages. I can’t imagine she will ever be bored or lonely for long–not with you and your unlimited repertoire of songs, dance moves, costumes and magic tricks. I can’t wait to watch her watching you.”

Could it be that Kim Kardashian is feeling some of the same range of emotions? If so, it wouldn’t really be a surprise. A quick internet search indicates that these feelings are something that many pregnant mommies feel, especially as they near the end of their pregnancy, just as the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star is doing. According to reports, Kim K’s baby is due sometime in December.

Despite having some intense feelings about the arrival of her newest child, it sounds as if Kim Kardashian and husband Kanye West are doing everything they can to prepare their 2-year-old daughter, North, for the changes coming her way. According to the post on her website, Kim says that she and Kanye “read books with her about getting a baby brother” and “always say goodnight to baby brother.”

According to an article titled “Introducing Your Baby To Your Child,” posted on the C&G Baby Club website, preparing your child for the changes coming after the new baby arrives is perhaps one of the most important things you can do ahead of time.

Among other tips, the website recommends being patient and explaining that being a big sister or a big brother means that, eventually, the older sibling will have someone new to play with. The website also recommends giving the older child some small responsibilities in helping care for the new sibling and giving the older sibling the opportunity to teach the new baby new things.

Want to know more about Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy? Check out the video below.

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