WWE News: Rhyno Wants To Play John Cena’s Biggest Fan

WWE NXT superstar Rhyno would like to explore his acting range by playing WWE United States champion John Cena’s biggest fan on television, as he said during an appearance on Another Wrestling Podcast (via Wrestling Inc).

Rhyno, 40, returned to the WWE in early February of 2015 to be a “special attraction” of WWE’s developmental brand, NXT. Since then, he has squared off against the top names in NXT, including former champions Sami Zayn and Finn Balor. He’s also teamed with former champion Kevin Owens and been in a program with “The Lone Wolf” Baron Corbin.

But if Rhyno had the chance to be on WWE television, he claims that his personality would translate well in a comedic role as Cena’s biggest fan.

“I would love to do a character where I was his biggest fan. I’d ask him to sign stuff, that would be fun. I have a funny personality outside the ring that a lot of people don’t see.”

Outside of his stint with WWE, Rhyno also made a name for himself in promotions such as TNA, ECW, ROH, and several other independent companies. He’s also enjoyed a considerable amount of personal success, being a former NWA World Heavyweight champion, ECW World and Television champion, WCW United States champion, and more.

With that success has come Rhyno’s on-screen reputation as a tough and rugged competitor. Also, his devastating finishing move, The Gore, show little in the way of mercy for his opponents.

But if the “Man-Beast” had his way, he’d be on television, following Cena around, doing things that super fans are known for doing. Of course, there would be a payoff in this fantasy program with Cena. Rhyno would eventually become disgruntled with Cena ignoring his advances.

“That’d be fun. I’d just become upset with him. Like ‘Hey John, you never returned my call. Why? Do you do that with other people’ That weird super fan. I think that would be funny.”

At this stage, it doesn’t appear that such a program has much chance of happening. Cena is set to depart after tonight’s Hell in a Cell pay-per-view and is expected to be out of action for at least two months. Considering Cena’s reputation as the face of the company, it’s unlikely he would return to a program where a veteran wrestler yearns for his attention.

But, Cena and Rhyno do have some history together on WWE television. As Wrestling Inc noted, these two wrestled five times during Cena’s first two years on WWE television, all on WWE SmackDown. Among those matches was a 2004 match that involved Paul Heyman and countless bars of soap.

Check it out.

As far as comedic moments between Cena and Rhyno go, that match is likely the closest thing we’ll see.

In unrelated news, Rhyno also revealed on the podcast that he is starting his own promotion, IWR (Insane Wrestling Revolution). The promotion will be run on a low-budget with the focus of providing families with affordable entertainment.

“It’s basically a promotion where I try to keep the budget low so I can keep ticket prices around 5 dollars. That way a family of four can go there for 20 dollars and they can enjoy themselves and create memories that will last a lifetime. So it’s good affordable wrestling at the local VFW Hall and I love the veterans it gives them an opportunity to make some money at the bar and sell concessions and they work well with us and I have done some charity shows there so I figured hey why don’t I throw in a couple grand and hopefully I’ll make it back.”

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