‘The Good Witch’ Season 2 Spoilers: Bailee Madison Teases Romance And More

Tonight on Hallmark, viewers got to see a new movie called Good Witch Halloween starring Catherine Bell and Bailee Madison. This used to be something that aired every single year as a new movie, but last year they actually turned it into a series. Now fans want to know when Bell and Madison will be returning to their television weekly and what to expect from season 2 of the show. This two-hour movie just wasn’t enough and now everyone is left wanting more. IB Times was able to share what Bailee Madison had to say and get a few spoilers for season 2 of The Good Witch.


Bailee Madison shared that they decided to do the Halloween movie because that is the way that The Good Witch has always done things. Madison shared that this is what established the franchise so they decided to stick with it. Obviously, fans are happy that they got a new movie instead of having to wait until January to see the show return. It was the perfect timing with Halloween and the season 2 premiere just a couple of months away. Madison revealed that that this is Cassie and Grace’s favorite time of year so of course they would want to show it on the series The Good Witch. They decorate their home and really embrace Halloween each year. Bailee shared details about the movie.

“The first time [Cassie meets the newcomer], she can’t sense anything. She can’t figure out if he’s mean or a good person. Cassie and Grace are very similar where they always like to believe the good in people. But for the first time, Cassie cannot figure it out, and that’s very troublesome for her because that’s [one of her gifts]. You’ll get to see her gifts and abilities be tested.”

Bailee Madison also teased a bit about season 2 of The Good Witch. This season is going to have Bailee’s character Grace growing up and learning about being more adult. It will be an interesting development on the show and viewers can’t wait to see what they come up with for her. This includes boys, which is a story line that Madison is excited about.

“Obviously [a romance] is something I push for all the time! I’m like, ‘We need more romance for Grace!’ But we just started filming episode 4 — it’s still early on in the season — so I don’t know where [the writers are] going to go with it, but there have been some talks about some new people popping up for her!”

As Just Jared, Jr. shared tonight on The Good Witch, Bailee Madison’s character found a way to embrace being a witch. At the start of the movie, everyone was making fun of her for being a witch and she even tried to get her mom to cancel their Halloween festivities. Bailee’s character Grace actually ended up dressing up as a witch by the end of the movie and embracing her family and who she really is, which is going to be a lot of change for her. Season 2 of The Good Witch should let fans see how much this changes her life and, as she starts to grow up, what all Grace can do that her mom can do as well. Grace didn’t ask to be a witch, but this gift is her reality. Season 2 of The Good Witch is one that you do not want to miss for sure.


What did you think of Good Witch Halloween on Hallmark tonight with Catherine Bell and Bailee Madison? Are you excited for season 2 of this show? Don’t miss it when it returns to Hallmark in early 2016 for season 2. They will also be airing the past Good Witch movies over the next week on Hallmark.

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