Sprint’s Prepaid iPhone Via Virgin Mobile To Debut As iPhone 5 Release Date Looms (Video)

Sprint Prepaid iPhone via Vigrin Mobile will be available on June 29, but the provider will only be offering the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

Examiner.com reports that the Sprint iPhone, while an anticipated release because it opens up the iPhone market to more possibles users, is facing some competition from the looming iPhone 5 release date.

Apple has been tight-lipped on the issue of when the newest model will be available — so far not even admitting it exists — and almost all that is known about the device right now is rumor at best.

But with Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference scheduled to start tomorrow, many anticipate the release date becoming public, and many who are interested in buying a iPhone will have to choose between the convenience of the prepaid older model, or the prestige that comes with having the latest and greatest.

Some rumors concerning the iPhone 5 were confirmed, possibly, by a video released online, reports CNET. The video has a person apparently working at parts reseller ETradeSupply showing off what is allegedly the new iPhone 5 chassis.

It’s taller, thinner and appears to have the head phone jack on the bottom, confirming several rumors. It does not appear at this time that a prepaid iPhone 5 will be available when the phone is released.

Apple is scheduled to have keynote address at its WWDC event Monday, June 11 2012, and there is speculation the iPhone 5 will be unveiled. So far, CNET reports Apple will discuss iOS and OS X at the event.

There was no word as to whether or not Apple would be addressing prepaid iPhones.

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