Vicki Gunvalson Denies Brooks Ayers Is Threatening To Sue Her And That She Has New Boyfriend

Vicki Gunvalson spent part of her Friday and Saturday debunking articles about her. On Friday, she denied Radar Online‘s article that claims she already has a new boyfriend. She later denied the website’s article that reports that her ex-boyfriend, Brooks Ayers, is threatening to sue her if she spills his secrets regarding his cancer.

The Real Housewives of Orange County star first tweeted that contrary to Radar Online‘s article, she’s single and happy. She blasted the website for telling lies.

Hours prior, Radar Online posted an article with the headline that Vicki has a “secret new boyfriend.” Yet while the headline states that Vicki has a boyfriend, the article itself only says that she’s dating around. A source is quoted as saying that Vicki is happily dating a few people but not exclusive with anyone and is not yet ready to be in another committed relationship. Instead, she’s focusing on her work and family. The source adds that one of the people Vicki is dating is someone who has appeared on the reality TV show and someone Brooks knows.

“It’s someone that fans would recognize. And someone that Brooks knows too.

Does Vicki Gunvalson’s denial of the article and assertion that she’s single mean that she’s not dating anyone at the moment at all or that she doesn’t have a new boyfriend? In a recent interview with E! News, posted on Monday, Brooks Ayers said that both he and Vicki are now dating other people.

“I am [dating]. Vicki is as well.”

Brooks and Vicki announced their split, after four years of an on-and-off relationship, to the media in August. Brooks revealed to E! News that he and Vicki sought the help of a reality TV couples counselor before they ultimately decided to break up. Brook said that he and Vicki came to the conclusion that they couldn’t last long term.

On Saturday, Vicki tweeted the link to a RumorFix article that quoted her representative as stating that Vicki is not in a relationship.

The representative told RumorFix that Vicki is currently focusing on herself, her family and her career, that she’s not ready to be in another relationship yet, and that she’s “very single and incredibly happy.” According to the representative, the man mentioned in the Radar Online article as a potential boyfriend and someone The Real Housewives of Orange County‘s viewers and Brooks know is not someone she’s dating but rather a business associate.

“The gentlemen [the story] is referring to is a business associate of Vicki’s insurance business and nothing more.”

On Friday, Vicki blasted Radar Online for posting yet another article about her that she claims is false. She accused the website of not doing journalism but bullying.

Radar Online‘s second article on Vicki on Friday reports that Brooks is threatening to sue her if she spills his cancer secrets. It quoted a source as saying that Vicki and Brooks signed a legal document when they started dating to not speak negatively about one another to the press. The source added that Vicki is now afraid to reveal her true thoughts on Brooks’ cancer diagnoses because he has threatened to sue her, per the agreement they signed.

“Vicki and Brooks signed a legal document stating they would never speak negatively about each other in the press when they started dating…Vicki is afraid to reveal her true thoughts about Brooks’ cancer diagnosis, because he has threatened to sue her.”

Is it possible that it’s not Brooks who is threatening to sue Vicki but it’s Vicki threatening to sue Brooks? As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Vicki recently said that lawyers are involved when it comes to her ex. In response to a fan who told her that she should legally fight back against Brooks for talking about her and her daughter, Briana Culberson, to the media, Vicki said that “lawyers are involved and [she] can’t speak about it in detail.”

According to reunion host Andy Cohen, Vicki Gunvalson shared some “new information” about Brooks during the filming of The Real Housewives of Orange County season 10 reunion show. It’s not clear whether this “new information” will be revealed on part 2, which airs this Monday, or part 3, which airs the following week, of the reunion show.

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