Minesweeper Scratch And Play Cards Are A Bit Of Nostalgic Fun

In the 1990s well before social networking drained our will to leave our desks the game minesweeper was the perfect way to waste hours performing a useless task. While Minesweeper may no longer be the “it” game of wasted time (thanks Farmville), it’s still a game most PC users understand and remember their addiction to.

The classic Windows game is now available as scratch and play cards which can only be used once but allow for the same type of game play many of us grew up enjoying.

The game cards are not cheap, being sold by Connected Design at a cost of $2 per card. Buyers can choose between 80 or 120 minute and they even ship with stickers that allow players to place flags and question marks where they believe suspected minutes might be placed, just like the original PC version.

The biggest problem with the game is the simple fact that you could lose on your first scratch which means your game is over and $2 was just wasted. On the other hand the Minesweeper scratch and play cards double as a postcard which means you can send some nostalgic fun to your friends without any additional added costs.

Connected Design is not just about the Windows-based games, they also offer iOS sticky notes and a cool iPhone case with an integrated USB drive.

Sure it is a waste of money but it’s a fun waste of money.

How many minesweeper scratch and play cards will you be picking up?

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