Gory Prometheus Scene Gives Young Boy A Seizure

A young boy in Australia was taken to the hospital after several gory surgery scenes in the sci-fi movie Prometheus gave him a seizure.

The film which was given an R-rating in the United States was given a more lenient MA15+ rating in Australia which originally meant children under 15 had to be accompanied by a guardian. Eventually that rating was further dropped to a simple M rating when distributor Fox made an appeal to the Australian Classification Review Board. With the new rating younger viewers could watch the movie without adult supervision.

The 15-year-old was watching Prometheus at Kindabyne in the state’s south when he began having his seizure.

The boy was rushed to Cooma District Hospital where he was listed in stable condition.

Seizures related to movies filled with violent scenes are nothing new in Australia, Sydney filmmaker Joseph Sims tells Australia’s News Network that similar seizure reports circulated when the movie Pulp Fiction debuted in 1994.

Sims tells the publication:

“There’s a famous story where Quentin Tarantino was at a New York theatre presenting the film and someone had a seizure during that scene.”

While Prometheus has its gory moments Sims points out that the blood was “blackened” which took away much of the “gore” factor.

In the meantime exactly what brought on the boys seizure is still not known and the film’s production studio Fox has yet to comment on the seizure.

Do you think Australia’s classification review board should be more careful when rating movies to avoid further complications?

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