WWE News: WWE Superstar Sheamus To Fail Upon Cashing In ‘Money In The Bank’ Briefcase

WWE Superstar Sheamus might be 37-years-old, but he performs like a man much younger than this. His rough, brute-like ring style is one that allows him to get older and still be effective. He started late with WWE, and the company has allowed him to have a ton of success in a short period of time. In the last 5 years, he has won a number of championships, from a WWE and World Heavyweight Title to a United States Championship on two occasions.

This doesn’t even include his Royal Rumble and Money in the Bank victories — both of which have led to nice pushes for him. Sheamus is by no means the top star WWE has, but he has been a big part of WWE programming and he is well-liked within the company. Just ask CM Punk about that.

The problem is that the fans aren’t as high on him anymore, which could lead to an issue down the line for the Irish-born powerhouse.

According to Cageside Seats, there has been a lot of talk regarding Sheamus and the MITB case. The leading concept for him is to cash in sooner rather than later and fail when trying to do so. It is not yet known who he will cash in on, but many believe it will be the current WWE World Champion in Seth Rollins. WWE is seemingly planning on allowing Rollins to hold the title a little longer.

Rollins champ

Due to the lack of star-power on television for the next few months, there is serious consideration for him to hold the championship up to WrestleMania 32 before he drops it. Many believe he won’t get this far. However, there is a chance to build a younger Seth Rollins more in a time of lacking top stars. Rollins is the top heel in WWE right now, barring The Authority, who is technically heel when they choose to be.

There was a lot of talk regarding Sheamus taking on this top heel role as WWE changed Seth to a babyface. WWE has continued with the same storyline involving Rollins in this role, but that may not last for much longer. Due to this, Sheamus could get into this role despite what happens with the briefcase. There is also talk of Bray Wyatt being pushed to this point, as well, whenever WWE pulls the trigger for a babyface turn with Seth Rollins.

It is doubtful that it happens very soon, but WWE has surprised us before and could very well change concepts yet again.

Sheamus MITB

When it comes to Sheamus, he is set to still be in a top role for a while. He was considered a secondary star as he took a backseat to younger heels like Rollins and Wyatt for most of 2015. WWE knows that in order for him to at least be considered a threat to the champion of the time, he has to look like a star to keep up illusions.

The talk of Sheamus failing to successfully cash in is considered new talk, as the plans above regarding a babyface turn with Rollins were set to automatically be the trigger point for Sheamus to get the championship.

Now that the dust has settled a bit with Rollins and he has proved himself to be an interesting WWE World Heavyweight Champion that should be heel for a bit longer, it ruins whatever plans WWE had for Sheamus as of now. That does not mean WWE won’t pull the trigger on this by tonight, for example, as it could happen at any point. As of this writing, though, the plan is for a longer WWE World Title run for Seth Rollins and an unsuccessful cash-in for Sheamus.

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