Mexican Singer Larry Hernandez Posts $200,000 Bail In South Carolina

Larry Hernandez, a well-known Mexican singer and reality TV star, is now free after being transferred across the U.S. and posting bail in Newberry, South Carolina.

Billboard reports that Hernandez stood before a judge at around 11 a.m. on Friday, October 23, and the judge ordered that Larry be released with a $200,000 cash bond. It took almost a month for Hernandez to be transferred so that he could post bail, but he is finally free until his probable cause hearing that will take place later this year.

Larry Hernandez: posts bail
Mexican singer and reality TV star, Larry Hernandez, is free after posting a $200,000 bail in Newberry, South Carolina (Photo by John Parra/Getty Images for Univision)

Larry appeared before a California judge on September 30 to agree to be voluntarily extradited to South Carolina to face charges of kidnap, assault, and assault with battery. Hernandez was being kept at a facility in Rancho Cucamonga, California, until this past weekend when he was transferred to a prison in Newberry, South Carolina. Larry had been arrested on a fugitive warrant when he boarded a plane from Denver, Colorado, to Ontario, California. Los Angeles authorities detained Hernandez at the California airport.

The judge ordered that Hernandez would have to give up his passport, but he will be allowed to return home to California to await his hearing. Larry will have to report to California police once he is home, and Larry will also be required to cooperate with the ongoing investigation into the allegations set against him.

Larry Hernandez: posts bail
Larry Hernandez waves to fans as he leaves the prison in Newberry after posting $200,000 bail (Image via elgordoylaflaca/Instagram)

The crimes that Hernandez was charged with stem from an incident that took place in Newberry on August 16. Larry performed at a concert there on that day. Allegedly, when the concert ended, Hernandez became angry because he did not receive the correct amount of money for payment that had been agreed on before the concert. Larry and an associate wrapped the concert promoter in clear plastic wrap and beat him. Hernandez also held the man against his will in a hotel room until Hernandez was given the amount of money he had been promised.

CNN reports that Hernandez denies the claims and maintains that the allegations “are slanderous lies, as time will tell.”

The victim’s brother asserts that the allegations are true and that his family and his brother are only seeking justice.

“They kidnapped him, they beat him… He wants justice done because we do not want there to be another report that, instead of kidnapping, says murder.”

Neither Larry nor his lawyers will give comment on the charges or the case until after a judge has made a decision. Hernandez has always been very open with his fans with whom he is very close. Larry is a reality TV star on NBC Universo’s Larrymania, a show that follows Larry and his family. Larrymania, which has been following Hernandez and his family’s lives since 2012, just recently finished up it’s fourth season on air.

Hernandez has always been very open with his fans on social media. He told CNN en Español just last year that he shared everything that happened in his life with this fans.

“I come from there. So I share everything with the fans. I am an artist who, if something is happening to me, I talk about it.”

Despite his usual openness with anything going on in his life, Hernandez has remained silent about the details of the case against him. In a statement issued in September on his show’s website, Larry apologized to his fans for his recent taciturn behavior, and assured them that he would eventually come out with the story once the case had been resolved.

“As you well know, I am a person who has always been honest and hard-working, showing my face in any situation. That is why I am asking you to be patient. As soon as I can I will respond and clarify any doubts about it.”

Larry Hernandez will go before a judge for a probable cause hearing on December 31.

[Image via elgordoylaflaca / Instagram]

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