Heidi Klum’s 2015 Halloween Costume: Is She Going As Kim Kardashian Or Jessica Rabbit?

Heidi Klum loves to use her Halloween costumes to completely transform the way she looks, and it looks like this year the supermodel is going to give herself the ultimate body makeover with curves that would make Kim Kardashian envious. However, is Heidi dressing up as the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star for Halloween, or is her costume based on another voluptuous lady?

Heidi Klum recently gave People magazine a sneak peek of her Halloween costume, and it includes a huge prosthetic butt and pair of breasts. People suggests that Heidi might be trying to “break the internet” by dressing up as Kim Kardashian’s infamous PAPER magazine cover, but the Project Runway host wouldn’t confirm that her Halloween costume is based on Kanye West’s wife. She only dropped one small hint about who she’s going as this year.

“This year’s costume is sort of a male’s fantasy. That’s all I’m going to say!”

In addition to wearing a giant fake butt and breasts, Heidi Klum is also using prosthetics to transform the shape of her face.

“I am working with Mike Marino from Prosthetic Renaissance and his team to make this year’s costume,” Heidi revealed. “They cast my entire body — eyes open! — to make the special pieces to make my costume come alive.”

A few weeks ago, Heidi Klum shared an Instagram photo that shows a mold of her face being made for her Halloween costume mask. Her face and neck were covered with dripping blue goo.


Heidi also shared a video of the same dripping blue goo being smeared all over her body. The application process was obviously tedious and uncomfortable, but Heidi says that the results are worth it.

Heidi’s 2015 Halloween costume will include a gold sequin outfit designed by Christian Siriano, the winner of season 4 of Project Runway. Kim Kardashian didn’t wear a gold dress in her PAPER magazine spread — she wore a black gown in some of the photos, and she was completely nude in others. However, it’s possible that Heidi Klum is simply giving Kim K’s internet-breaking look her own unique twist.


A few commenters on People have guessed that Heidi Klum is dressing up like Jessica Rabbit. One of the costume prep photos shows Heidi trying on a facial prosthetic with cut-outs around her eyes that match the shape of Jessica Rabbit’s massive eyelids. Perhaps the cut-outs are there so that a makeup artist can apply Jessica’s iconic purple eyeshadow on the skin above Heidi’s eyes. However, there’s one problem with the Jessica Rabbit suggestion — the cartoon character wears a sparkly red dress, not a gold one.

Maybe Heidi Klum is going as a cartoonish version of Marilyn Monroe, or perhaps her Halloween costume isn’t actually based on one person or character — it’s possible that she’s simply dressing up like a generic blonde bombshell. No one will no for sure until Heidi unveils her 2015 costume at LAVO New York’s Halloween party.

Last year, Heidi dressed up like a giant butterfly for her Halloween bash at TAO Downtown. The costume included a huge pair of wings, realistic bug eyes, antennae, and a colorful body suit.

Heidi Klum Shows Off Her Halloween Costume's Huge Wings
Heidi Klum dressed up like a rainbow-colored butterfly for Halloween last year (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Heidi Klum)

The butterfly costume was beautiful, but Heidi Klum’s 2013 costume was definitely one of her most incredible transformations — the ageless supermodel used prosthetics and makeup to make herself look like an old woman. She was unrecognizable in the costume that included wrinkly skin, varicose veins, age spots, and a cane.

Heidi Klum Is Unrecognizeable As Old Woman
Heidi Klum dressed up like an old woman for her 2013 Halloween party (Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Heidi Klum)

During an interview with PARADE, Heidi Klum talked about her obsession with Halloween costumes. According to the model, you should either go big or go home if you’re planning on dressing up for the holiday.

“I take Halloween very seriously, so I’m not a fan of a thrown together costume,” Heidi revealed. “But seriously, I’d rather stay home than go out in an uninspired costume.”

“I start thinking of ideas months before Halloween, and I have an amazing team who makes the impossible possible. I don’t really have a system for picking my costume each year, they kind of just come to me. It’s definitely not a last-minute decision. It takes months of preparation.”

Do you think Heidi Klum spent months working on a Kim Kardashian costume, or are you convinced that Hollywood’s Halloween queen came up with something a bit more creative?

[Photo by Victor Boyko/Getty Images for Harry Winston]

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