The New Trend Among Brides? Giving Your Dad A ‘Certificate Of Purity’ To Prove You’re A Virgin

A Maryland woman would like to see a new trend among young brides: doing as two of her own daughters have done by giving their father, as a wedding gift from themselves to their dad on their (the brides’) wedding night, a “Certificate of Purity” signed by their doctor proving that they’re virgins.

Dee Dee Freeman is the wife of pastor Mike Freeman of the Spirit of Faith church outside Washington, D.C. She’s the mother of three adult children, according to her Twitter feed. At least two of them are married women, and both of them have given their dads the “Certificate of Purity” on their own wedding nights. Most recently, her daughter Brelyn did so when she got married to Timothy Bowman on October 10, according to CBC News.

Mrs. Freeman posted a picture of Brelyn’s certificate on Facebook.

virgin bride certificate of purity
“If you know anyone in TV, radio, or any major blogger that would be interested in Brelyn’s story have them contact us – that way, we can get the message of purity out to our young people! Image via Facebook

It is not clear, as of this post, if Brelyn’s husband presented such a certificate to either his own father or Brelyn’s concerning his own virginity.

The name of the doctor who signed that “Certificate of Purity” is not clear, so it’s impossible to verify his or her specialty. However, as CBC News confirms, the doctor who signed that certificate did, in fact, conduct a gynecological exam on Brelyn and determined that her hymen is intact. Then Brelyn gave the certificate to her own father as “proof” that she’s a virgin.

The word “proof” is in quotation marks up there not because there’s any reason to doubt Brelyn’s virginity, but because, as any 6th Grade Sex-Ed teacher will tell you, the status of the hymen as a metric for determining a woman’s virginity is less than useless. As the website Being A Girl (which is directed at tween girls to help them understand menstruation and their bodies) notes, a girl’s hymen can be ruptured through bike riding, gymnastics, or day-to-day life in general for no specific reason.

“The first time a girl or woman has sexual intercourse the tissue of the hymen will either stretch or it may tear a bit in one or two places. Often there is NO BLEEDING and little or no pain. Do you lose your virginity and the hymen disappears?Often, even a gynecologist would not be able to tell just by looking whether or not you have had intercourse. Are you amazed by all this? Most people are because there are so many myths about virginity and the hymen.”

“Certificates of Purity” and gynecological exams aside, it seems that, in some circles, there is a renewed interest in fathers taking an interest in the condition of their daughters’ vaginas on their wedding nights. You may recall that “Purity Balls,” where men take their daughters to dancec and the girls sign pledges to remain virgins until their wedding nights, have been a thing since 1998.

virgin brides certificate
A Purity Ball. Image via Facebook.

For his part, Dr. Mike Freeman brushes off criticism that his daughter’s hymen is any of his business. Referring to the picture of him proudly receiving his “Certificate of Purity” from his daughter, he says,

“Who knew that a pic like this would get so much negativity but a natural man will not understand things of the Spirit for they are foolishness to them!”

Do you think a “Certificate of Purity” demonstrating “proof” of a bride’s virginity is a good wedding gift? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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