‘Deadpool’ Movie Plot Will Reboot Origins, Stay True To Comics, Says Director Tim Miller

The Deadpool movie’s plot will allegedly be what comic book fans have been asking for. Instead of attempting to work off of the botched attempt from X-Men Origins: Wolverine, director Tim Miller is promising that the upcoming film about the merc with a mouth will be a reboot faithful to the comic book origins.

With what we’ve seen from Hollywood, that is a rare thing. Watchmen was relatively faithful to its source material and remains a fan favorite to this day. Most comic book adaptations tend to stray from their origins and take liberties, often for the sake of entertainment.

Deadpool fans have known for a long time that the comics don’t need help to be entertaining. Wade Wilson’s insanity and twisted sense of humor brought on by experiments from Doctor Killebrew have made him an entertaining character without the need for on-screen liberties.

What will make the Deadpool movie plot different from a majority of what Marvel has done with the Avengers franchise is that Marvel has been limited to what characters they can gain the rights to. The last time there was a potential issue was when Avengers: Age of Ultron and X-Men: Days of Future Past both used Quicksilver, as previously reported by the Inquisitr. Joss Whedon fixed the problem in a way that has probably made a few mutant fans angry. The Deadpool movie’s plot may even fix the problem by making him an “honorary Avenger,” according to Youth Health Magazine.

With Marvel, Sony, and Fox all holding on to their respective rights, aside from a two-time deal for Spider-Man, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been limited by what can happen in their films. The entire mutant population can’t be part of Captain America: Civil War, for example, and neither can the Fantastic Four.

Deadpool fans know that Wade Wilson has been linked to the Avengers a few times in his adventures, and if there are more films about him, Fox may need to finally work with Marvel to get him into the MCU. This might even happen, revealing what might be one of the upcoming 2020 mystery films.

For the upcoming film, though, Tim Miller has promised that the Deadpool movie plot will follow the comics. Wade Wilson will be a cancer patient who undergoes experimentation under the Weapon X program and be given a healing factor like that of Wolverine. During treatment, his mind will crack and he will become the usually annoying and often hilarious character of Deadpool, a name he adopted from a wager made while he was in Killebrew’s care.

Of course, like any movie, there will be some twists to keep the Deadpool movie’s plot fresh.

Tim Miller announced what fans wanted to hear during the Bootleg Universe Pitch Show.

“We come into Wade Wilson before he becomes Deadpool. All the ingredients are in place but they haven’t been mixed. We wrote the story in such a way that we get a really great introduction to Ryan [Wade Wilson] and what he cares about, and why he does this.”

Miller also explained why the merc with a mouth won’t be taking his mask off like other superheroes, making the Deadpool movie plot more true to its origins.

“If Deadpool were a different type of character, it would be difficult to portray emotion. But Deadpool is running at the mouth the whole time. You almost don’t need to see his face because he’s telling you how he feels constantly.”

Comic Book has said that the reason most superheroes lose their masks in film is to portray emotion better, as well as to give high-paid actors the chance to show their faces. It’s the biggest reason we get close-ups of Robert Downey, Jr. with the Iron Man UI when he’s in the suit.

The Deadpool movie plot could easily be the one movie in recent years that comic book purists won’t be upset over.

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