WWE News: Multiple Names Being Discussed To Answer John Cena’s U.S. Open Challenge At ‘Hell In A Cell’

John Cena’s U.S. Open Challenge started as a good idea by WWE Creative. Not many fans envisioned it would turn into what it has become. Without even trying, Cena became the top segment of WWE Raw. It got so big, that Kevin Owens had a NXT championship Open Challenge on an episode of Raw when he was feuding with Cena. It had an impact on WWE TV and it’s not easy to refute that claim.

Even though Cena comes out the victor each and every time, the minute where the WWE Universe awaits the challenger is exciting. That alone stems into another storyline. Heath Slater has got “#HitMyMusic” trending worldwide on multiple occasions. WWE’s website has followed Slater through his trials and tribulations and it’s given the fans another person to attach to.

Heath Slater WWE

Whether viewers like it or not, John Cena has changed the game once again. The Hell in a Cell pay-per-view is tomorrow evening and the 15-time WWE champion doesn’t have an opponent. Once again, the WWE is allowing it to be a surprise. Even though it’s unknown who Cena will face, many names are coming up as potential opponents.

According to Cageside Seats,multiple names are rumored to challenge John Cena, including a few WWE legends.

“A lot of names are making the rounds as possibilities to answer John Cena’s US title open challenge at Hell in a Cell, even some unlikely ones. AJ Styles, Carlito, Chris Jericho, Sheamus, and Dolph Ziggler are among them.”

Let’s analyze each name and see if they’re a realistic opponent:

  • AJ Styles: The current Indy superstar, Styles has already mentioned that an appearance in WWE NXT is in the cards, only if it’s going to help his family. At this point in his career, that’s his main priority. As far as a Hell in a Cell appearance is concerned, that has a small chance of taking place. While it would be the biggest swerve of the year, AJ Styles probably isn’t coming to WWE this soon.
  • Carlito: He already turned down a WWE contract, but if they offer him more money, he may change his mind. Carlito is a former United States champion and feuded with Cena in his run with the company. Most likely, he won’t be answering Cena’s challenge.
  • Chris Jericho: This would make a lot of sense if he didn’t announce that last weekend was his last WWE event for awhile. He’s also supposed to feud with Dean Ambrose, eventually. At Night of Champions, he shouldered Ambrose and lost the match for Reigns and him. If Jericho surprises many at Hell in a Cell, he surely won’t win the belt.
  • Sheamus: Like Jericho, it probably won’t happen. Unless he cashes in his Money in the Bank briefcase for the U.S. title, Sheamus is not answering Cena’s challenge.

The final opponent is Dolph Ziggler. WWE teased him entering a feud with John Cena on two occasions. On Total Divas, Ziggler told his ex-girlfriend, Nikki Bella, that he had feelings for her. Knowing the WWE, they would implement that into a WWE storyline. Not only that, but Ziggler superkicked Cena by “accident” on Raw a few weeks ago.

Dolph Ziggler Nikki Bella WWE

One week later, Ziggler answered Cena’s U.S. Open Challenge and lost in a fantastic match. Ziggler should turn heel, it’s even rumored to happen soon. During WWE Hell in a Cell, the WWE has one sure-fire way to ignite a fire in the WWE Universe. Ziggler needs to turn heel, win the U.S. championship and walk out of Hell in a Cell a full-fledged bad guy with a new attitude and demeanor. Heel Ziggler is the best Ziggler and is best for business.

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