‘The Force Awakens’ Supercut Trailer Is A Must-Watch Experience For Star Wars Fans [Video]

We’re just under two months away from experiencing Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the J.J. Abrams-directed sequel to the original three Star Wars films. It’s fair to say the Star Wars fandom is beyond pumped for The Force Awakens.

Despite getting three different trailers, it’s not enough to make fans feel as though December 19 isn’t ages away. To make fans feel better (or worse?) about the wait, the YouTube channel Science Vs. Cinema released a “supercut” of all the Force Awakens trailers.

It was an amazing bit of work that took an immense amount of skill to pull off. Contrary to what some may believe, editing clips together has to take things into account like pre-recorded music and making sure clips “sync” up in terms of style and overall tone. It’s not always easy to do and not everyone could pull such a supercut off. Thankfully, Science Vs. Cinema got this one right.

The trailer started off with a focus on character Rey, played by Daisy Ridley. She’s a scavenger who insists that she’s “no one,” and as was the case in the recently released third Force Awakens trailer, no one’s buying that for a minute. From her the trailer transitions to scenes featuring Finn, it is clear our protagonist has a storied lineage. Finn is played by actor John Boyega, who also had his own viral-worthy reaction to the final Force Awakens trailer.

These two characters, and pilot Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac), represent the movie’s heroes and the “light” side of the Force. The debate rages on as to whether Rey or Finn will represent the newest Jedi in the series. Apparently, it has yet to occur to people that both could very well be force-sensitive apprentices at some point.

As for Poe, seeing that the trailer shows him in an extremely dangerous position at some point, let’s just hope he survives The Force Awakens and makes it into Episode VIII. And before anyone comments the answer is yes, IMDb was immediately consulted after viewing the footage in question. To avoid spoiling anyone, I’ll leave it at that.

Getting back to the trailer, we saw quite a bit of Adam Driver’s Kylo Ren, who’s pretty much the face — or rather, the “mask” — of the “dark” side of the Force and the First Order. If you somehow missed it, the First Order replaces what was previously known as the Empire. Although there are other bad guys in the mix, Driver gets the most screen time, followed by “Chrome Trooper,” Captain Phasma (played by Gwendoline Christie). Not much is known about Phasma or Kylo Ren for that matter. Although we’ve seen enough of the often-masked Sith fanboy to make a few educated guesses.

Because he’s dedicated to finishing what Vader “started,” there’s a good chance he has a connection to the prominent Star Wars villain. Because main characters Rey and Finn openly questioned the truth of events in the original movies, it stands to reason that many people are unaware that the Sith and Jedi really existed, much less clashed, in decades prior. How does Kylo Ren know what happened, though he’s apparently not much older than the other two characters? The answer suggests a connection of sorts, but that’s speculation that won’t be proven or disproven until the movie arrives.

One thing this film trailer supercut made startlingly evident was how little we see of the original cast. We got a couple glimpses of Han Solo, a glimpse and a half of Princess Leia, and the tiniest peek at a hand that may or may not belong to Luke Skywalker. Understandably, the movie makers are trying to save these characters for when the sequel hits theaters. However, that fact doesn’t make it any less disappointing to have seen so little of them going into the movie, especially Luke.

In any case, this supercut of the Force Awakens brings together the best bits of trailers past while giving us something to watch over and over (and over) until the film makes its way into theaters.

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