Does Princess Kate’s Mother, Carole Middleton, Have A Drinking Problem? [Rumor]

The buzz around the U.K. is that Carole Middleton, mother of Princess Kate, has gotten a bit out of hand with drinking, and the Queen is not happy. Queen Elizabeth allegedly had already perceived the Middletons as common, but being drunk in public crosses the line for royal-adjacent folks.

Meanwhile, according to the Inquisitr, Princess Kate and Queen Elizabeth have been bonding over their love of the hit show Downton Abbey. Recently, Princess Kate got a chance to meet the cast, tour the sets, and tell everyone what a thrill it was to be on set of one of her favorite shows. It was also reported that one of Queen Elizabeth’s favorite things to do while watching Downton Abbey is to spot details that are historically incorrect. Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes considers this an unofficial royal seal of approval.

The Daily Mail reported that despite private warnings, Carole Middleton continues to drink in public, photographed throwing back a few pints.

“We’re used to seeing Prince Harry knock back a pint of beer or two but it was Carole Middleton that needed a bit of the strong stuff while watching England’s agonizing rugby defeat.”

Most of the people in her box at the event, including Prince Harry and Carole’s husband, Michael Middleton, were fairly calm, but Carole Middleton allegedly was the rowdy one.

“And while the royal who was sitting behind her looked relatively calm, Carole was seen getting extremely fired-up during the game, holding her hands to her head and screaming at the players – although husband Michael, 66, managed to maintain his composure.”

There was also the suggestion that Middleton brought additional alcoholic beverages with her inside her purse.

According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, rumors of marital problems between the Middletons and Carole Middleton’s increased drinking have all come around to Queen Elizabeth. And though Princess Kate is also a royal, the queen still calls the shots in terms of who has access to what events, and a drunk mother of a princess is going to find herself with fewer invites if she doesn’t clean up her act. Princess Kate is in the very awkward position of having to negotiate with both her mother and the queen.

“And now the Duchess of Cambridge is petrified that her mother’s out of control drinking coupled with her parent’s marital problems will create a HUGE problem during the holidays with Queen Elizabeth.” An insider says, “It’s a huge concern for Kate. [Carole] will hide the booze at her house, but her mom brings her own!”

It seems Carole Middleton has gotten a bit too comfortable with the royal in-laws, and likes to have a cocktail and let her hair down, much to the chagrin of her daughter.

“Last Christmas Carole Middleton had too much to drink and started telling inappropriate jokes.” Duchess Kate was mortified and had to drag her mother away from the festivities.”

Princess Kate has her hands full with her royal duties and two children at home. Presumably she cares for her mother and father, but she is working within a tight social structure, and if the Middletons want to continue to be involved and participate, they are going to have to clean up their act, and become more differential toward Queen Elizabeth and company.

Do you think Carole Middleton has a drinking problem?

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