‘Law & Order: SVU’ Shares Preview Of Duggar-Inspired Episode

It is almost time for the Duggar-inspired episode of Law & Order: SVU, and the new preview is here to show you what you can expect to see. ET Online shared the new preview, and even though it is short it gives Duggar fans an idea of what to expect to see. This Duggar-inspired episode is called “Patrimonial Burden” and will air on November 4. It is season 17 episode 7 for the show. In their episode, a famous reality TV family has 10 children and a 13-year-old girl ends up pregnant. Of course, that is not exactly what happened in the Duggar family, but it is inspired by them. Law & Order: SVU is known for using real stories that are very high profile and changing them a bit for their episodes. As soon as the Duggar scandal happened, viewers knew it would be the perfect story for them to work with and make an episode.


In the preview, it shows that a virgin daughter is pregnant. The family says that everyone sees it as a crime, but they see it as a blessing. The family is seen obviously sticking together through it all. They also admit that their goes their television show just like the Duggar’s show was canceled after the scandal came out. The Law & Order: SVU team will be on the case to try and figure it all out. Until it actually airs, it is hard to tell how much of this episode will be what really went on with the Duggar family and how much is different. So far, the Duggar family is staying quiet about this episode and have not even mentioned that it is happening. Everyone would love to hear their opinions on it.

The Josh Duggar scandal started when news came out that he had actually molested four of his sisters and also a babysitter when he was younger. Washington Post shared all the details of what happened. Jim Bob Duggar revealed all on Fox News.

“He said he was just curious about girls and he had gone in and just basically touched them over their clothes while they were sleeping; they didn’t even know he had done it.”

Jim Bob Duggar did share that they watched Josh very closely after this happened. They kept an eye on him and he even took him to work with him. Things changed at the Duggar household, but that didn’t keep Josh from being unfaithful once he became a husband and father. The molestation scandal wasn’t the only thing to rock the Duggar’s world this last year.


Since then, Josh Duggar confessed that he cheated on his wife Anna Duggar while she was pregnant with their fourth child by using a website called Ashley Madison to meet up with people. Josh Duggar also admitted to watching adult films online while married. After that, Duggar went to rehab and has been there ever since then. Everyone is starting to wonder at what point he will get out and go back to his normal family life.

Do you plan to watch the new Law & Order: SVU episode that is based on the Duggar scandal? Their show 19 Kids and Counting has been canceled, but new specials are coming that will star Jessa and Jill along with their families. The exact air date for the Duggar specials has not been revealed, but so far they have planned three specials and they will start airing in December on TLC. Don’t miss the Law & Order: SVU based on the Duggar family when it airs on November 4 on your local NBC station.

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