‘Once Upon A Time’ Spoilers: Emma’s Endgame, A Race Against Time, And More

Once Upon A Time has taken the Dark Swan storyline in a very different direction than the Dark One story line. The next episode will feature Emma trying to sculpt Rumpelstiltskin into the hero she needs to take Excalibur out of the stone. Of course, she will have a little help.

Merida has come to Storybrooke, and Emma has an important mission for her in Once Upon A Time Season 5 Episode 5, which is titled “Dreamcatcher.” Emma will give Merida the task of transforming the former Dark One into the hero she needs.

Merida is “brave” after all, and Rumple in this form is not brave at all. He has reverted back to the cowardly state that he was in at the start of his life. That will not work for Emma. He needs to become the brave hero he was in the alternate book reality shown in the season finale for Once Upon A Time Season 4.

Emma’s plan will be uncovered by her family and the other heroes. They will go to Emma’s home and look for the former dark one. That trip will reveal part of Emma’s plans to them.

A sneak peek for the Once Upon A Time episode and shared by Spoiler TV does show Emma dealing with Rumpelstiltskin and Merida. The beginning of the clip shows Emma and him talking. He wants to see Belle, and he wants nothing to do with Emma’s plan. He shows his weakness.

Emma is not listening to him at all though. She has her goal set in her mind. Merida enters the picture, and she isn’t willing to help either, but Emma has her heart in her hand. One squeeze will end her life. The clip ends with Emma sending the pair off for Rumpelstiltskin’s training.

In addition to the Emma plot, Henry will be pushed to ask Violet out on a date by Regina and Mary Margaret. Another sneak peek shared by Spoiler TV shows Henry and Violet having a conversation. She is not too keen on going out with him it seems.

Her horse is missing, and Henry makes it his mission to find it for her. He will even go to his mother for help. He wants Emma, the Dark Swan, to give Violet her happy ending back. The look on Emma’s face shows that she is not too sure she can do it.

There is more action in Camelot as well. Fans will see the heroes try to stop Arthur from his evil plans, and Emma will look for a dreamcatcher. The object will help her free Merlin by allowing her to see the past. That look back will reveal how he ended up in the tree in the first place.

Arthur does not want Merlin freed from his prison, so he will do all he can to stop Emma and Regina. Fans know that David and Mary Margaret are under a spell, so they will look for the dark one’s dagger. Regina hid it on the last episode.

Adam Horowitz did share two images with script teasers for this week’s episode, and a third image that shows off Merlin’s tree.

Even with several episodes left in the first half of the fifth season, Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis are already working on the second half. TV Line shared a new spoiler for Once Upon A Time Season 5B earlier this week.

“The show is casting a mysterious, dangerous and vindictive God-like figure known obscurely as Distinguished Gentleman or ‘DG.’ Given that series co-creator Eddy Kitsis summed up Season 5B as ‘hell,’ which quickly sparked speculation that the ABC series next will brave the Underworld, one must wonder if they’re thusly casting a very dapper Devil.”

What do you think of Once Upon A Time Season 5 so far? Are you a fan of the Dark Swan story line? The series will continue to air on ABC on Sunday nights.

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