‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 7 Spoilers: Alaric’s Decision About Jo And Bonnie’s Future In Episode 5

The Vampire Diaries may have kicked off its seventh season with a look at what’s going on three years into the future (nothing good, of course), but there’s also a lot going on in the present, while these characters are still in Mystic Falls/at Whitmore/first dealing with Lily and her family of heretics, and, of course, that’s nothing good as well.

Alaric hasn’t exactly had it easy when it comes to his love life (though, to be fair, no one really has on The Vampire Diaries), and just as he was getting married last season and looking forward to raising a family with Jo, Kai struck and killed those dreams (before casting that spell that has Elena sleeping until Bonnie dies). It got pretty dark for Alaric pretty fast after that – he even held a gun to his own head in the finale – and as Season 7 began, he was supposedly drinking his way through Europe with Damon while Bonnie played chaperone. However, as the other two figured out (a bit too late), he wasn’t really drinking Instead, he was visiting psychics because he’s just not ready to let go of having Jo in his life. In fact, his current plan is to use the Phoenix Stone (which has resuscitative powers) to bring her back to life and, as an experiment showed, it could work.

Matt Davis as Alaric on The Vampire Diaries
Will Alaric use the Phoenix Stone to bring Jo back to life? [Image via the CW]

The only problem is that when he eventually brought Bonnie in on his plan and she took a look at the Phoenix Stone, it led to horrific visions, loss of time, and crippling headaches for her. Although Alaric claimed that he destroyed the Stone, when those symptoms continued, she called that into question. A visit to the missing sixth heretic, Oscar, and her request that he help her meant Alaric had to come clean about the Phoenix Stone. He explained that he had to take the small chance, even though the Other Side no longer exists, that he can bring her back and brought Bonnie to the morgue, where he’s been paying to have her body kept past the period of time allotted. Bonnie agreed to help, but will she have time to do so? Based on what Entertainment Weekly has reported, they are racing against the clock to use the Phoenix Stone on Jo.

“Let’s just say that as of next week, Alaric is running out of time if he intends to use it on Jo. Here’s the thing about dead bodies: They don’t keep forever. So, Alaric is going to be faced with a big decision.”

In other Bonnie in The Vampire Diaries Season 7 news, while a look into her future in three years hasn’t been shown yet, it is coming. So far, the first three episodes have shown what life is like briefly for Stefan, Damon, Caroline, and Tyler. In the premiere, in Brooklyn, Stefan awoke Damon ahead of schedule (a.k.a. before Elena woke up) because “she” had found him, as he figured out thanks to his scar opening.

“She’s not going to stop until you’re dead,” Damon told his brother.

Then, in the second episode, the flash-forward showed Caroline in Dallas. She’s engaged, and while her fiancé was not identified (though he apparently knows they can’t go back to Mystic Falls), one person could be ruled out: Stefan. That’s because she said she never wanted to hear his name again when he calls for her. Because of that, the look into the future in Episode 3 sees Stefan calling Tyler to warn Caroline.

The Vampire Diaries' Kat Graham
What does the future hold for Bonnie in three years? [Image via the CW]

Episode 5 will feature a look into Bonnie’s future (and since Damon had said he was woken up ahead of schedule, meaning Elena’s still asleep, it was already clear that she is alive in three years), as Kat Graham told Us Magazine, and that does include seeing what her love life is like.

“You are going to see a love interest coming in Episode 5 in Bonnie’s flash forward. We get to see who she basically ends up with, which is very cool. And then you see a current, modern potential love interest coming this season also.”

The Vampire Diaries Season 7 airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on the CW.

[Image via the CW]

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