Todd Chrisley Gives Update On Feud With Son Kyle

Todd Chrisley and his son Kyle have not been getting along for a while now. On the hit USA show Chrisley Knows Best, fans see that Todd and Julie are now raising Kyle’s daughter, and he is not around. Kyle didn’t show up at all on the last season, and according to Todd, he won’t be coming back for the upcoming season either. Radar Online was able to get a new update from Todd about how things are going with Kyle now, and it doesn’t look like their relationship is improving at all.

Todd actually hasn’t even talked to Kyle in a year and a half, and it doesn’t sound like he has any plans to do so in the future. Kyle has stayed out of the press and the spotlight for a while now. These two are pretty much done with each other unless something changes. Back when Kyle and Todd stopped talking, Todd released a statement that his son would no longer be on the show.

“Kyle is no longer a part of the show and will not appear on this upcoming season. What Kyle does is not consistent with the family is doing right now.”

This appears to be what started the feud and made Kyle and Todd Chrisley stop talking to each other. Just one year ago, Kyle tried to say that Todd stole his daughter, Chloe. Todd shared that Kyle is bipolar, and he has also had some problems with drugs in the past. Todd and Julie Chrisley are raising his daughter, but they don’t seem to mind at all. Kyle has revealed in the past that he wasn’t really fired from the show but instead quit. Kyle called out his family, saying they are “fake” and “continue to lie to everyone.” Todd says that is not true at all, though, and his version is totally different.

“That is not true. The guardianship is still in place. Kyle has been under my guardianship since 2009. There is a co-guardian that has been added. If the court states that Kyle is no longer in the need of a guardian than God bless him because that means Kyle is cured. I want out of this guardianship. But I do not trust Kyle. I just don’t trust him and I don’t think that I ever will.”

Todd’s wife, Julie, recently spoke to Wet Paint about a few updates on the family as well, but she avoided talking about Kyle and how things are going with him. Julie Chrisley is a breast cancer survivor and loves using the show as a platform to talk about it and spread awareness. Julie says that her husband, Todd, was by her side through the entire thing.

Julie Chrisley also shared a few spoilers about the upcoming season that starts in November on USA. She said a lot of it will be about Chase and Savannah going off to college. The Chrisley family will also take a big trip to London, which will be their first time in England. Julie Chrisley is now focusing on Grayson and Chloe, who she still has at home, but that doesn’t mean Chase and Savannah won’t be around. The Chrisley household won’t be too quiet just yet. Don’t expect to see Kyle showing up, though.

Are you surprised to hear that Kyle and Todd Chrisley are still not getting along? Did you think that Kyle would return to the show this season? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts. Also don’t miss Chrisley Knows Best when it starts on November 10 on USA. This is going to be a great season with the Chrisley family.

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