‘The Flash’ Season 2 — When Will ‘Star Wars’ Legend Mark Hamill Make His Return As The Trickster?

Fans will be excited to learn that Mark Hamill, from Star Wars fame, is set to reprise his role as The Trickster in the current season of The Flash. Hamill’s character has a long history with the TV adaptation of the super speedster, including an appearance on the 1990s television series The Flash and his part on the first season of the current series. With that in mind, just when can fans expect to see Hamill reprise his role?

According to Cinema Blend, Hamill is set to return as James Jesse in the mid-season finale, which is scheduled to air on December 8. Not only does this mean that fans will be treated to a dose of Hamill during the Christmas special, but it also means that Hamill may be set to play a larger role in this episode than he has in the past.

In fact, the Christmas installment is expected to feature a number of different Rogues that will likely have a larger impact on the remainder of the season. Indeed, the idea that a group of Rogues is forming is something that Hamill hinted at back in the ’90s series, and it is exciting to see it finally coming about in season two of The Flash. Does this mean Hamill’s character will be a part of the formation of the group of villains?

Grant Gustin plays Barry Allen/The Flash [Image via The CW]
Grant Gustin plays Barry Allen/The Flash [Image via The CW]
More than likely, the team of Rogues will be forming by the time of the mid-season finale. This seems possible, as the majority of The Rogues have already been introduced back in the first season. Furthermore, they almost formed a team at the end of last season, and with Captain Cold and Heat Wave set to be a part of Legends of Tomorrow, now is as good a time as ever for the group to form. Considering Hamill’s part in the episode, it seems likely that he will become a member of the group.

At the same time, it has yet to be revealed if Axel will once again join The Trickster during the Christmas special. As fans may recall, the two characters worked together last season and were brought down by Barry and company after they poisoned a group of politicians and attempted to take their money.

Meanwhile, although further details concerning the plot of the Christmas episode have yet to be released, Candice Patton recently shared some information about the coming installment. According to Comic Book, Patton revealed that family will be a major theme in the coming episode, which is set to filled with plenty of excitement.

“What does Christmas have in store for Iris this episode? I mean, it’s a lot about family. Which is a big plot point for Iris this season. That’s really exciting,” the actress stated in the interview. “Other than that I don’t know that there’s much more I can say. We see… A reappearance of some rogues from the past that we know very well. It’s a good Christmas episode. Just like the last one. Good villain, and good love, and good heart.”

In addition to Hamill reprising his role and the group of Rogues forming, the Christmas special will also come after the show’s highly-anticipated crossover with Arrow. With that in mind, fans should expect to see Barry Allen and Oliver Queen teaming up once more, along with the appearance of some Legends of Tomorrow heroes, including Hawkgirl, Hawkman, and perhaps even Vandal Savage.

The Flash and Arrow [Image via The CW]
The Flash and Arrow [Image via The CW]
While fans have to wait a few more months to see Hamill in the Christmas episode, the second season of The Flash continues Tuesday nights on The CW.

Tell us! Which villains do you want to see again on The Flash? Are you excited for the crossover episodes? Sound off in the comments below.

[Image via The CW]

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