Selena Gomez ‘Good For You’ Video Gets Daniel Tosh Makeover

Selena Gomez has gotten the ultimate compliment in the form of being parodied. Daniel Tosh professed his admiration for Gomez and has perhaps aided in the singer’s popularity, as her “Good For You” video climbs the charts, so does his frame by frame translation. As reported by USA Today on October 23, “Daniel Tosh just wants to look ‘Good For You’. Can you blame him?”

The Daniel Tosh video remake of “Good For You” was published and uploaded to YouTube on October 21.

Tosh took the Selena Gomez video and mimicked her performance almost identically. He did add his own jolt of excitement as he explicitly flashes the audience and adds his own surprise guest toward the end. Outside of these differences, the video features a just about frame for frame copy of the beautiful brunette singer’s original track from her REVIVAL album. The official “Good For You” video was published to YouTube on June 26.

The former Disney star is seen in her video provocatively laying across and rolling on a velvet green sofa in a satin robe loosely tied before entering into a shower scene. Gomez then is seen rocking her song in what appears to be a wet white tee with nothing under it. She continues the video, changing into fashions that include ripped jeans and lingerie as she seductively sings, “Trust me I can take you there, I can be good for you,” rolling around on an old wood floor.

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[Image By Jason Merritt/ Getty Images]

To display just how close he got to the Selena Gomez original, Daniel Tosh published to YouTube a side by side comparison video.

The comedian can be seen rocking the same moves on the same sofa as Gomez, although the pillow he is holding is noticeably upside down with the zipper side up. The set is the same, as Tosh mimics Gomez’ moves as well as her fashion, wearing an almost identical satin robe, while tee, jeans and lingerie. Tosh even has his face done up with makeup. A surprise appearance by Carrot Top takes over the lip syncing part delivered by A$AP Rocky in the original Gomez song.

Daniel Tosh is known for his popular Tosh.O TV show on Comedy Central. The show features Tosh’s unique ability as both a standup comedian stirred with amusing skits and chats. The funny guy is not afraid to mix up his comedy chops with spoofs and take offs. Selena Gomez is a star and talent noticed by many faithful fans. Tosh has proven himself to be a total Gomez fanatic with the expense and time it took him to make a video that equals the production values of Selena Gomez’s original work.

Tosh answered the question that many were thinking in a tweet “Why? because i know every word to the @selenagomez song ‘good for you’ and i have lots of money.. ”

Tosh seems often to base his routines on what he perceives as funny, disregarding the feelings of those being targeted. His comedy is often seen as going to places that others would not dare, doing skits about everything from sports to rape. Referring to a segment in Tosh.O, Business Insider detailed on November 12, 2014.

He’s incredibly ticked off at ESPN and their flasghip [sic] show ‘Sportscenter.’

CBC News reported on May 27, a protest of Tosh performances by a group who called themselves Halifax anarcho-feminists was made.

“Tosh is known for making rape jokes and that his comedy is ‘disgustingly transphobic.'”

With the protests against Tosh for the rape jokes, one may wonder how Selena Gomez actually feels about the comic remaking her video. Perhaps that is the last thing on her mind considering her former love, Justin Bieber, premiers his new single, “Sorry,” on October 22. Daily News & Analysis detailed, “The upbeat EDM-tinged pop song has Bieber apologizing for everything he did to tear apart his relationship with his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez.”

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