Twitter from Windows Media Center

It seems these days there isn’t anything that you can’t post messages to Twitter from.

Computer. Check.

Cell phone. Check.

Media Center. Check. Huh?

Yes folks you can now post to Twitter while you are watching something on your Windows Media Center courtesy of MCE Zone and their free TwitterMCE plug-in. With the plug-in you can post messages, view your recent Twitter messages, your friends messages or your followers messages on Twitter.

There are some limitations and what I would classify as a minor irritant. When you type in your message and click Update TwitterMCE will popup a confirmation dialog to make sure that you want to send it. To me this would be extremely irritating and is something that I would strongly recommend they re-think.

Other than that like the guys over at Hacking Windows 7 Media Center said “this could lead to some interesting television related tweets coming from the Media Center community soon”. Here are some screen shots courtesy of HW7MC of the plugin in action.

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