‘RHONY’ Stars Bethenny Frankel And Carole Radziwill Spotted Filming Season 8

Season 8 of the Real Housewives of New York has officially started production, and it appears as though one of last year’s cast members is set to return for the new season. In fact, according to the Daily Mail, Bethenny Frankel was spotted filming for the upcoming season alongside Carole Radziwill despite the former’s hesitation to return to the series.

Carole Radziwill RHONY Season 8
Carole Radziwill of the Real Housewives of New York [Image via Bravo]
Frankel’s return to the show follows comments that she was still unsure if she would be a part of the show for another season.

“I’m weighing a bunch of different opportunities and deciding how I want to spend my time,” the reality star recently told People. “I never want to go back to that place I was at a couple years ago where it was just non-stop. I felt like I was on a ride and I wanted to get off.”

Apparently, Frankel has made up her mind and will be appearing in the eighth season of the hit reality show. As filming for the new season began, Frankel was seen hanging out with Radziwill in a bar scene. The two were wearing matching leather coats, complete with skinny jeans and new shoes.

Although little is known about the scene and the motivations to shoot in a bar, it is clear that Frankel is fully on board with the new season. Frankel’s inclusion in the season bodes well for the franchise as she definitely adds another layer of drama to the hit series.

Frankel’s return to the world of reality TV marks her second season on The Real Housewives of New York City following her departure from the show after season 3. As fans may recall, Frankel’s original decision to leave the show centered on personal problems she was dealing with, including issues with her husband, Jason Hoppy.

After leaving the show, Frankel starred in her very own reality series, titled Bethenny Ever After, and she went through a tough divorce with Hoppy. Although producers of the show requested Frankel to return to the series at several points in time since her departure, she wanted to deal with her many personal issues before she made a return to the show.

According to Star Pulse, part of Bethenny Frankel’s motivation to not return to the show was centered on her need to keep her private life out of the headlines. “If I chose to leave the spotlight & hit rock bottom, I wouldn’t want the world knowing a play by play of every single detail…,” she stated in an interview.

Bethenny Frankel RHONY Season 8
Bethenny Frankel on the Real Housewives of New York [Image via Bravo]
At the same time, Frankel’s candid comments were directed at celebrity life in general and not just at her own. In fact, Frankel recently commented on all of the news surrounding former NBA star Lamar Odom, who was recently found on the brink of death at a Las Vegas brothel.

“Comes w/ territory, I guess. Don’t think it would have mattered who he [Odom] was married to. It still would have been all over news,” she stated, while one fan noted, “Unfortunately when it becomes a Kardashian event nothing is sacred.”

Despite her hesitation about the degree of scrutiny that comes with being a part of the reality show, Frankel is apparently ready to remain in the spotlight. That being said, it is hoped that the Skinny Girl mogul will continue to be a part of the show as it continues to develop. After all, the reality star has solidified herself as a mainstay of the show, and it will be interesting to see what she will bring to the new season of the Real Housewives of New York.

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[Image via Bravo]

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