Kailyn Lowry’s Restaurant Habits Revealed: Best Friend Calls Her Out!

Kailyn Lowry has focused on her schooling and her family over the past couple of months. She could be wrapping up the last couple of semesters of her undergrad, durin which she has gained experience working with television and media. Teen Mom was filmed months ago, and she is currently filming the new season, but because MTV tends to air the show months after they wrapped up production, Kailyn has had to relive many emotional moments.

It’s possible Kailyn Lowry tries to distance herself from reliving the drama. Lowry isn’t a big tweeter when it comes to Teen Mom when the show was airing. Instead, she seems to be focusing on her family and she goes out for dinner with her husband and her kids. This week, Kailyn decided to stop by Hooters for a bite to eat. As it turns out, Lowry’s eyes may have been more hungry than her body.

According to a new tweet, Kailyn Lowry is now revealing her dining habits. It may be an expensive habit, but apparently Kailyn likes to order lots of food and then only eat part of it. As many of her followers know, Lowry may have the money to enjoy such a habit.


“The hooters girl just asked us if we’re bringing the food home cause we’re ordering so much,” Lowry revealed last night as she was dining at Hooters, and her best friend Tori decided to weigh in.

“Did you tell her that’s just what you do? Order like 3 entrees and maybe eat half of one? Lol,” Tori replied to Kailyn, who wrote back, “you know me soooo well.”

Of course, Lowry’s friend only called her out to tease her. These two girls have been friends for years.

Money was a big theme on this past season of Teen Mom. Lowry wanted more child support from Jo Rivera for little Isaac. Apparently, he was going to very expensive schools and programs. Even though Kailyn could afford it, she wanted more child support from Rivera; however, Rivera couldn’t afford it because he didn’t work. This was a huge topic of discussion on the Teen Mom reunion.

“I don’t buy it as why you’re not working,” Dr. Drew told Jo Rivera. According to Us Weekly, Rivera replied with a question, “Do I need to work?”

“They’re asking you for money, and I don’t understand how you afford not to if they need more help and it’s 20 days a month you’re available to work,” Dr. Drew pointed out. Rivera replied, “I’ve never said that I’m not willing to help you.”


Since the show aired, Jo Rivera has become a father once again. One would hope that he has found a job so he can help support his girlfriend, Vee Torres, and their newborn daughter. Kailyn Lowry didn’t say much about the newborn baby girl, but she did congratulate them on the reunion special, pointing out that Jo always wanted a daughter.

Kailyn and Jo are speaking thanks to their son, Isaac, but the two do not seem to be close friends. Javi Marroquin didn’t seem thrilled when Jo stopped by their home to discuss custody issues. Kailyn seems to respect his opinion, but she doesn’t seem to have any interest in working things out with Jo. The two are adults now and have moved on from the past.

What do you think of Kailyn Lowry’s restaurant habits? Are you surprised she orders much more food than she intends to eat? Or, do you think this behavior is financially irresponsible?

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