James Harden & Khloe Kardashian Were Shopping A Reality Show Before Their Split?

James Harden and Khloe Kardashian were reportedly shopping a reality show prior to their sudden split just days ago. According to a Radar Online report earlier this week, Kardashian was preparing to move on from Keeping Up With The Kardashians to a new series, which would be based around her romance with James Harden.

“Khloe had really been gunning for a spin-off show with [James Harden],” Radar Online‘s source explained.

James Harden and Kardashian had been linked since summer, and by all accounts, their relationship was going well until Kardashian’s then-estranged husband, Lamar Odom, was hospitalized. At that point, Kardashian abandoned her romance with James Harden in lieu of rekindling her relationship with Odom.

As Hollywood Life revealed on October 22, James Harden learned that Kardashian called off her divorce from Odom on the news, and received nothing more from her than a text message, which read, “I’m sorry.” According to the report, James Harden didn’t bother to respond to the message, and has since been focusing solely on his career with the Houston Rockets.

TMZ was first to report news of Kardashian and Odom’s divorce being thrown out. On October 21, the site revealed Kardashian’s lawyer, Laura Wasser, had appeared in front of a judge to request their divorce be thrown out, which it was. Kardashian initially filed for divorce in December 2013, following a slew of rumors regarding her husband’s possible drug use and many affairs. However, due to her holding out hope, the documents weren’t signed until this summer, and because a judge had yet to sign his part of the divorce, it was not yet made official at the time he was found in Las Vegas.

According to Radar Online, Kardashian and James Harden’s potential reality show hadn’t come as good news to her family, who allegedly felt the idea was “absolutely ridiculous.” That said, Kardashian has seen success in spinoffs in the past, so had her relationship with James Harden stuck, it was certainly a possibility that they could have achieved television success with one another.

In a separate Hollywood Life report on October 22, a source claimed James Harden was doing his best to turn his heartache into a learning experience.

“The entire situation is funny to [James Harden],” a source close to him explained. “He can’t stop shaking his head. It’s very comical [to him.]”

When Odom first fell ill last week, Kardashian had reportedly put her relationship with James Harden on hold, and while he was willing to wait, she ultimately decided to end her romance with James Harden and give her marriage to Odom another shot.

The source went on to reveal James Hardne’s Houston Rockets teammates are “busting his chops about it too — but it’s all in fun.” When James Harden began dating the reality star, his friends and teammates were reportedly far from thrilled, so now that the relationship has been called off, they are understandably happy that he is single once again.

“If [James Harden] has learned anything from this, it’s to listen to those close to him,” the source continued. “He won’t get played by another woman. He’s thankful Khloe taught him a valuable lesson about relationships – never date a woman who’s not legally divorced from her husband.”

James Harden hasn’t yet publicly spoken out about his breakup from Kardashian. He did, however, share a number of Instagram posts about his career, and one which featured a song by Future.

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