Adele Sings “Hello” With New Song And Video From “25” Album — She’s Back! [VIDEO]

Adele is back.

“Hello,” the first single off of her new album 25 dropped last night along with the video; and, it’s classic Adele, which means it makes you want to text each one of your exes while fighting through tears.

The release of “Hello” marks a return to the spotlight for Adele after a four year absence. The British songstress recently confessed that during that time she wanted to give up on making new music, The Daily Mail reported.

“I felt like this was never going to happen,” she said in an interview with BBC 1’s Nick Grimshaw. “I felt like I was never going to finish this record. It was a long process, and I wanted to give up a lot because I couldn’t do it. I thought I’d run out of ideas and lost my ability to write a song.”

Adele also talked about the pressure, since her fans were waiting for a follow up to her critically-lauded last album, 21.

“I mean I can’t write 21 again because I’m not in that place, I’m in a great place,” she said “I had to find another part of my life – I did pretty much write an album about being a mum, but that’s pretty boring for everyone who isn’t a mum (so) I scrapped that.”

With 21, Adele broke new ground with her music. Released in 2011, the album has gone on to sell over 10 million copies in the U.S alone, according to Billboard. That milestone is even more significant when you consider that 21 is only the 12th album since 1991 to sell at least that many copies. The album was perched atop Billboard’s Hot 200 Albums list for 24 weeks and generated three number one singles, “Rolling in the Deep,” “Set Fire to the Rain” and “Someone Like You.”

So, of course, there are lots of people with high expectations for the new Adele album. Based on the way “Hello” sounds, we’re not going to be disappointed.

The song starts with a haunting piano and drum beat and Adele’s signature voice builds gradually until the crescendo of the chorus. It’s glorious. It’s Adele. The lyrics are also what make, “Hello,” a quintessentially Adele song. They’re poetic, yet simple enough to convey the emotions that everyone has when they’re reflecting on– or crying about– a relationship that has ended.

So far, if you look at the Twitter reactions to “Hello,” Adele probably has another potential number one single on her hands.

The video for the song is just as gorgeous as the audio and was directed by Canadian filmmaker/actor, Xavier Dolan. The “Hello” clip stars Tristan Wilds (90210, The Wire) as Adele’s former love interest who has no desire to take her calls or her apologies in the video.

Many doubted that Adele would return with sad, soulful music. Her previous albums, 21, and 19 were all based on break ups and the tracks reflected that theme of love lost. During her time away from the music industry, she’s found love with Simon Konecki and had a baby. She’s also had time to find solace away from the fame that comes with a successful music career. Not that she cares too much about the whole fame thing, anyway.

“[Fame] doesn’t last, so why get involved in something that you will miss when it goes,” she said during her BBC1 interview. “I like the way that I’ve lived my life always and that’s why I’ll carry on living it like that. No one else in my life is famous so they’d think I’m being an idiot if I was ever to try and get carried away with myself.”

The new Adele album, 25, will hit stores on November 20.

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