‘RHOBH’ Star Brandi Glanville Makes Shocking Drug Use Claims About The ‘RHONY’ On Latest Podcast

Recent comments by Brandi Glanville indicate that there may have been some drug use on the set of The Real Housewives of New York. The startling comments were made by the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star during her latest podcast and, whether they are true or not, might land the reality star in some real legal trouble.

According to Reality Tea, the topic of drug use arose while Glanville entertained a few guest stars on her podcast, Unfiltered. The guests included the likes of Julie Goldman and Brandy Howard from The Peoples Couch. While Glanville discussed a variety of topics with the two guests, including how things were going in the latest season of RHONY, the conversation quickly turned to the topic of drugs and reality TV.

“By the way. The New York chicks. Are they all on coke all the time?” Glanville asked her guests at one point during the podcast. “This particular season Luann [de Lesseps] let loose and got completely f**cked up so she was probably doing coke,” one of the guest answered her.

This prompted Glanville to share a little more on the topic of cocaine use, with the reality star lumping all the ladies on RHONY into the same category.

“I thought for sure they were all runnin’ lines in the bathroom. It just seemed like it. They were all yankered up,” she told her guests.

Brandi Glanville claims Kristen Taekman told her of alleged drug us among the Real Housewives of New York
Kristen Taekman ‘RHONY’ [Image via Bravo]

At the same time, Brandi Glanville went on to reveal that she had some inside information from Kristen Taekman, who has been a part of the hit reality show for the past two years. According to Taekman, there is one cast member of RHONY who has a particular liking for cocaine.

“I have some inside scoop from Kristen [Taekman] on a few things,” Glanville shared. “I won’t say who, but one of the cast members has V.C.R. at all times. Visual Coke Residue.”

Apparently, after Taekman broke this news to Glanville, she asked her friend why this subject hadn’t been brought up on the show yet.

“I’m like ‘why don’t you say that on the f**king show!?'” she stated.

While it isn’t clear which cast member Glanville was referring to, the allegations are certainly serious enough that they might lead to further actions by producers. In fact, according to Enstarz, the reality star might be setting herself up for an additional lawsuit. Given Glanville’s past history with her co-stars on the reality show, it wouldn’t be surprising to see one of them file a case against her for these latest and shocking comments.

The cast of the RHONY has been accused of drug use by RHOBH Brandi Glanville
The cast of ‘The Real Housewives of New York’ [Image via Bravo]

Meanwhile, one of the guests continued the conversation and asked Glanville why the evidence of “Visual Coke Residue” was not visible on camera, as this would surely have been caught by fans of the show. In answer to this question, Glanville stated that they have “18 filters on us” at any given time in order to cover up blemishes.

While Glanville’s comments seem to indicate that de Lesseps is the main one with the cocaine problem, the podcast went on to discuss a variety of gossip related to the reality franchise. Although they highlighted the most recent drama-filled season of RHONY, the reality star told her guests that she would reveal the identity of the Housewife star who has a drug problem once the mic was off.

Either way, Glanville’s shocking revelations are not likely to sit well with any of her co-stars on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Even though her comments focused on the ladies in another city, it will be interesting to see how her fellow cast members address her comments when the show returns for a new season.

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[Image via Bravo]

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