Was Lamar Odom Set Up To Be Murdered? Explosive Claims Reportedly Suggest Brothel Worker Attempted To Murder Him

Lamar Odom’s life-threatening ordeal continues to be a major topic of discussion. Now, an explosive new claim has only added more suspense to the riveting story that still has so many unanswered questions. According to In Touch Weekly, Lamar Odom’s alleged overdose may not have been an accident as a result of his own actions. A shocking new claim suggests one of the prostitutes he’d been involved with at the Love Ranch in Las Vegas, Nevada may have attempted to murder him with a lethal dose of narcotics.

The latest report insists Ryder Cherry, a prostitute at the brothel, is being accused of shooting Lamar Odom up with a “speedball” during his three-day stay at the brothel. In case you don’t know what a “speedball” is, it’s a slang term for a drug combination of cocaine mixed with heroin or morphine from the same syringe. In addition to the speedball, Lamar had also taken high doses of herbal viagra while drinking large amounts of cognac throughout the course of his stay.

At this point, the details have not been confirmed, but two different sources have offered a detailed account about the series of events that led to Lamar Odom being found unconscious in his room at the ranch. One source insists Lamar requested more drugs – in addition to cocaine and herbal viagra – while a brothel insider recently revealed the shocking claim against Ryder Cherry.

“Ryder went back up to the room with Lamar and shot him up with a speedball, a mixture of cocaine and heroin [at his request]. Ryder then came out of the room and told everyone that Lamar wanted some time alone because he wanted to nap. Then she turned to [one of the girls] and said, ‘Let’s go get some ice cream.'”

The brothel insider claims Lamar never requested the additional drugs and only asked for a number of junk food items from a local grocery story. However, Cherry reportedly fetched Lamar something else. She “ordered drugs from a dealer she knows” and insisted on mixing the drugs herself, according to the report. About an hour and a half after Lamar Odom was given the speedball, Ryder and another prostitute found him unconscious.

“Lamar didn’t ask to be shot up with anything and had simply given her [Ryder] a list of things he wanted from the grocery store, including apple pie, caramel apples and chips and dip, so she went to get them with another Love Ranch worker…An hour and a half later they found Lamar unresponsive.”

Almost immediately after news outlets began reporting about Lamar Odom’s life-threatening experience at the Love Ranch, Cherry reportedly quit her job and has “no plans whatsoever to go back there,” said a brothel insider during an interview with Entertainment Tonight. The latest claims come just days after Lamar’s father, Joe, released a brief statement speculating that his son had been drugged. As expected, the statement definitely didn’t sit well with many social media users, who were quick to cite Lamar’s previous drug habits prior to visiting the Love Ranch.

The report has also sparked quite a debate on social media. While most readers adamantly believe Lamar’s condition is solely the result of his own actions, there are some who believe he could have been drugged.



Unfortunately, at this point, there is no way to confirm whether the claim is true or false. According to Rumor Fix, as for now it is still considered a rumor. What do you think about the murder claims? Do you think the prostitutes at the Love Ranch attempted to murder Lamar Odom? Share your thoughts.

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