Lana Del Rey Holds Nothing Back In ‘Billboard’ Cover Story

Lana Del Rey is Billboard‘s latest cover girl. The “High By the Beach” singer lets it all hang out in the magazine’s latest issue. Inside the newest issue, the sultry crooner admits her fondness for “aggressive” men, talks about her fear of dying, and reveals her novel ambitions.

Lana Del Rey graces the November 2015 issue of Billboard magazine. On the cover, the seductive songstress lays back poolside in a red-and-white stripe T-shirt. The headline reads, “The Mysterious Ways of Lana Del Rey,” but the singer is anything but mysterious during her interview with the entertainment outlet. There’s no doubt that Del Rey captivates both men and women with her stunning looks and her melodic love songs. She told the magazine that she’s just become aware of her heterosexual male fans.

“I’ve only recently become aware of the heterosexual males who are into my music.”

That’s when Lana drifted into “Lana mode” and talked about her inappropriate relationship with an older man at the ripe age of 16.

“I remember when I was 16, I had a boyfriend. I think he was…25? I thought that was the best thing. He had an F-150 pickup and let me drive it one time. I was so high up! I panicked and was worried I might kill someone — run over a nun or something. I started to shake. I was screaming and crying. I saw him looking over, and he was smiling. He said, ‘I love that you’re out of control.’ He saw how vulnerable I was, how afraid, and he loved that. The balance shifted from there. I had the upper hand — until then.”

But these days, Del Rey doesn’t want to be in torrid love affairs, even if that’s what she writes about most of the time. She mentioned that her last boyfriend before Francessco Carrozzini wasn’t good for her. Del Rey added that he was also the twin version of herself. Nowadays, she’s happy with her Italian boyfriend, even if he’s sort of like her in some ways. The sultry crooner then coyly added that she often enjoys his aggressiveness.

Lana doesn’t just talk about love and loss in her Billboard cover story. She also discusses the songwriting process for the tracks off her latest release, Honeymoon. “God Knows I Tried” talks about Lana’s fear of death, in which she has panicked over since she was 4 years old. Lana says that she’s been to therapy three times, but she finds writing and singing in the studio more comfortable than talking to someone about her fears. She’ll also walk or swim in the ocean, even though she has a fear of sharks. Speaking of walks, Del Rey says that she enjoys “long walks” and “long drives” to Big Sur California on her days off. She doesn’t feel the need to promote her album or do a world tour, because she feels that she only needed to promote herself in the beginning stages of her career.

“I do everything backwards. It already happened — I’m actually done with the world tour I started four years ago, when I needed to be out there. I really needed to be out there singing.”

That’s sad news for Lana Del Rey’s fans who may have missed out on the singer’s previous tour, The Endless Summer Tour with Courtney Love. If she wasn’t making music, she revealed that she would probably write a book, but if only she could concentrate on actually finishing it. She’s also interested in starring in films. Del Rey is good friends with James Franco, and she already has the perfect style and look for Hollywood movies. She says that she would star in one, if the right script came along.

She did receive a few offers: three from James Franco that were directed by a Spanish director. Lana also recalled the time that one said she could play the role of Sharon Tate in one of the three Manson films that were in talks, but none of them were put into development.

To read more on Lana Del Rey and her new album, check out her Billboard cover story. What are your thoughts on Del Rey’s latest interview? Sound off below in the comments section.

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