‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Spoiler: Did Callie’s New Girlfriend Cause Derek Shepard’s Death?

Wait, fans were told that this season of Grey’s Anatomy would be light and breezy, but on tonight’s episode, Derek Shepard’s death will come back to haunt Meredith as a reminder shows up at her door. On the episode called “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?” Callie’s new girlfriend just happens to be Penny, the nurse who dropped the ball which led to Derek Shepard’s death.

The Inquisitr reported that according to Shonda Rhimes, the storm clouds were supposed to lift this year on Grey’s Anatomy for Meredith Grey to be able to move on. But how can she move on when reminders of the worst day of your life show up at the door for a dinner party? Rhimes refers to season 12 as AM, which is “After McDreamy.” Having Maggie and Amelia living in was supposed to add to the levity of the season, but Callie has brought the drama to the door.

According to Hypable, “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” will be traumatic for Meredith, April, and Arizona due to varying levels of broken hearts. Meredith, Maggie, and Amelia were to throw a friendly dinner party, but it’s Grey’s Anatomy, so fans know it will go south, and fast.

“The forgotten dinner party, hosted by the Lady Chief Sisters, goes on, but an unexpected guest forces both Meredith and Arizona to question whether extending an invitation to Callie’s girlfriend was worth the drama. Penny is not only the first person Callie has become serious with since the couple split, but she is also the nurse whose fatal oversight while treating Derek cost him his life. Only on Grey’s Anatomy, right?”

April is still uncomfortable with Jackson as they have not resolved their marital issues, and Arizona is anxious to meet Callie’s new lady friend, but the surprise is on Meredith, who thought this would be a chill evening.

Christian Post suggests that the shock of Penny arriving at the door will floor Meredith. Add to that, Maggie, who was supposed to do the cooking, was called back to the hospital, so April goes into the kitchen to hide from her own drama with Jackson. Still, everything is going as expected until Callie comes to the door with Penny, and the mood changes.

“As stated by the media outlet, the mood of the party will drastically change when Callie arrives at the house with someone whom she introduced as her new girlfriend. The person in question is Penny and she is apparently the doctor who attended the last moments of Derek’s life.”

Meredith quickly remembers Penny as her face is etched in her memory, but does Penny recognize Meredith?

“Fans may remember Penny as the doctor tasked to attend to Derek when he was brought to the hospital following his car crash in the last season’s finale. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to save the surgeon, consequently leaving two fatherless children and a widow.”

But Meredith tries to trudge on, and speaks to herself and says she can handle it.”No worries, universe…I got this!” a tensed Meredith declares to herself as she went out to face the jovial crowd.

But though most of the party-goers don’t notice what is going on, Alex senses that something is just not right with Meredith, and as her stand-in person while Cristina Yang is still gone, he tries to figure the whole thing out. Fans should sense that Callie and Penny’s relationship is not long for Grey’s Anatomy.

Will you be watching tonight? Are you disappointed that Grey’s Anatomy is once again getting dark?

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