Six Most ‘Extreme’ Haunted Houses To Visit For Halloween In 2015 — McKamey Manor May Actually Torture You

Halloween is a time that allows people to go out, get dressed up, have some fun, and not have to worry about being stared at because you look like a vampire or werewolf or clown on the street. That being said, it’s also a great time to go out and get scared in ways you never knew possible. Where can you be scared? Check out eight of the most extreme haunted houses for 2015, and that includes the infamous McKamey Manor.

Many haunted houses are put on by families or neighborhoods, but the professionals know how to do them right. Here are some of the most frightening and extreme haunted houses you can visit with just about a week left in the Halloween 2015 season.

These are in no particular order.

McKamey Manor – San Diego, CA

The website for the haunted house says that a waiver needs to be signed with no exceptions, and no one under the age of 21 is admitted. Oh, make sure your evening is clear because it is a “4 to 7 hour extreme haunt experience!” Yes, four to seven hours.

Please note that you are going to leave McKamley Manor with bruises, abrasions, rope burn, cuts, and other kinds of minor injuries. Many people have had to be treated for shock and yes, it’s all legal, but completely insane. Check out some movies on the site, but be warned, they are extreme.

House of Shock – New Orleans, LA

It closed after the 2014 campaign, but some great funding and big-time fans brought the terror back to life for 2015 with “The Resurrection.” This year, there are two new haunted houses in one location — Seaman Skungy’s Bordello of Freaks and then House of Shock itself.

extreme haunted houses house of shock
Credit: House of Shock

Please leave any of your beliefs at the door as no religion is left untouched and there are things seen within those walls that you’ll never see again. Also, you may not sleep for a while either because some frightening New Orleans history and voodoo is sure to go home with you.

Blackout – San Francisco, CA

If something is based on “Dante’s Inferno,” then being told you’re going on a journey through Hell shouldn’t be very surprising, but it’s still terrifying. At times, you will feel as if you can press charges against some of those working in the haunted house for assault, sexual assault, or even battery, but it’s legal.

“Hardcore” is the best word to describe this particular haunted house as “extreme” doesn’t quite cut it. It’s a “wild and savage mindf**k unlike anything you’ve seen before.” If you’re not open to the ways of the world, then don’t enter those doors.

Blood Manor – New York, NY

Fear is a way of life in Blood Manor, and located in downtown Manhattan, it’s now in its 11th season. They don’t recommend it for children younger than 14, but there are many grown adults who walk out in tears and whiter than ghosts.

Blood Manor haunted house extreme
Credit: Blood Manor

The one fault is that it takes only about 20 minutes to go through, but the 5,000-square foot maze can end up taking you longer. People say that the smell of rotting flesh is a scent you never forget, and for some reason, neither is the scene that is in Blood Manor as it’s absolutely terrifying.

Nightmare New England – Litchfield, NH

Perhaps it’s the indoor and outdoor portions of this haunted house combined or maybe the location along the Merrimack River, but it’s completely and totally frightening. Nightmare New England brings forth chainsaw-wielding lunatics, everyone’s favorite clowns, and some of the most terrifying psychological fears you’ll ever experience.

Making matters better is that there are five separate haunted attractions and a new haunted hayride for 2015. It doesn’t matter that the word letters aren’t in it at all, this haunted house puts the fear in Halloween.

Terror Behind the Walls – Philadelphia, PA

It’s won awards from all sorts of media outlets and for good reason. America’s largest haunted house is set inside Eastern State Penitentiary, and what is more frightening than jail? Terror Behind the Walls doesn’t just make you feel like you’re incarcerated, but you’re with prisoners of the past as well.

You do have an option before entering though, and it’s a simple one — Touch or No Touch. If you choose the former, be prepared to have to physically and literally crawl and claw your way out alive or end up in quarantine forever.

Around the country, haunted houses have done nothing but become more frightening and more extreme over the years. For 2015, these six haunted houses are sure to take every ounce of bravery inside of you and push it right out of your body. Beware, you may end up with some injuries this Halloween if you visit any of them, but it’s well worth it.

[Image via Terror Behind the Walls]

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