WWE News: WWE Prospects Told To Become Independent Stars If They Have Bad First Tryouts With WWE

When it comes to the world of World Wrestling Entertainment, it seems every wrestling fan and their brother has the dream of working with them. While many fans end up living out their dream by getting the chance to work with WWE, there are many more who fail to ever get the chance. It takes a lot just to get a tryout with WWE, so by even getting this far, a person can have a story for years to come.

WWE very rarely gives a second opportunity to those that come in and fail to impress at their tryout. That means you have to be on your game when you go in for the chance. However, today there is a silver lining.

According to The Wrestling Observer, prospects who fail at their tryout are told that they may not get a second chance and that they should become an independent star to get a chance to work with WWE in the future. WWE’s Senior Director of Talent Development, Canyon Ceman, is said to be the one behind this. There are some who accomplished their dream by getting the WWE opportunity, just ask Daniel Bryan and Dean Ambrose. The Indy material is actually a very new thing that WWE tells people, as WWE was well known for scoffing at the Indy world before the likes of Seth Rollins, CM Punk, and Daniel Bryan came along.

Zayn Owens

Due to WWE giving a chance to several Indy stars these days, it makes sense that they are leaning this way now more than ever before.

The old concept was that Independent talent couldn’t translate to the big stage and they would much rather go with a bigger athlete they can train up, which is why we see the bodybuilder type so often. In today’s WWE, the bodybuilder is scarce if ever seen. While the likes of John Cena still roam the WWE as a former powerr-lifter, after him the company does not have a big star that is bodybuilder centered that they feature as a top star at this point.

The problem for WWE in their old style was that they got lucky with who they trained up in the past, while others came in with a ton of experience before even working for WWE. The biggest stars of the 90’s were The Rock, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, and The Undertaker arguably. However, all but The Rock had a lot of time on the Indy scene or with another major promotion.

Vince Stone Cold

Due to this, WWE never truly “made” most of their stars in their most successful time. They simply got lucky with the look they had. They did repackage some with new characters/gimmicks and some even had a new ring style. However, they were experienced before ever walking into WWE. The same can be said of the Indy stars of today. The only difference was the time of the century they were active in. Many today come in and are given different characters or gimmicks. Just look at Sami Zayn for proof of this.

Some get to keep the one’s they had, however, like Kevin Owens.

At the end of the day, this would only be WWE using the same formula it did before. The only real difference is now that we know they didn’t “create” many of their people as they had identities well before coming to WWE.

For WWE to now be okay with this and open about how big the Indy scene is and how they can use talent just proves that WWE is now wanting to give fans what they want. Fans love Indy talent and rightfully so. The matches they bring to the table are of high quality each time and many know how to truly talk on a microphone. WWE knows what the fans want and try to give it to them. They may not always do it, but when it comes to hiring people, we as fans have a big say.

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