‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 6 — Just Like Jon Snow, Yet Another Character Is Rumored To Be Returning From The Dead

There is definitely a good deal of mystery and intrigue surrounding Season 6 of Game of Thrones, especially considering that the new season is the first not to be based off the book series. With that in mind, more and more rumors have been surfacing concerning the fate of some key characters.

While there has been plenty of speculation about which of the main characters, including Jon Snow (Kit Harington), might be returning to life in the new season, new photos seem to indicate that one surprising character is set to come back from the dead.

According to a few set photos released on Twitter, it appears as though Shae (Sibel Kekilli) will be returning to life in Season 6. In the leaked images, Kekilli is seen while on set with former cast member Conleth Hill (Varys) and David Benioff.

“Sibel kikelli, david Benioff and conleth hill on set right now for season 6 peniscola” the image was captioned with.

A second photo was also released showing Kekilli standing on the steps to a castle with the caption, “Shae, sibel kekilli is here in peniscola and has been escorted onto set – Tyrion hunger flashback?”

Sibel Kekilli as Shae on Game of Thrones.
Sibel Kekilli has been spotted on set for season 6 of Game of Thrones. [Image via HBO]

Although she is not in costume, Kekilli’s appearance on the production set is very interesting and indicates that her character might be revived for the new season. Of course, the alternative theory is that Kekilli was just passing through and paid a visit to her former co-stars. However, given the timing of her visit and her character’s past relationship with Tyrion, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

As fans may recall, Tyrion strangled Shae to death back in Season 4 of Game of Thrones. With there being little doubt that her character died at the hands of Tyrion, it is possible that she might be included in the season in the form of a series of flashbacks instead of being brought back from the dead.

The idea that Shea will be included in flashbacks makes sense, as Tyrion really has not properly dealt with her murder, other than his uptake in drinking habits. With that in mind, a few visions of Shea would definitely offer him a way to deal with the fact that he killed her.

Additionally, Tyrion is expected to have a pivotal storyline this season as his character continues to develop. Having Shea visit him in the form of a flashback could go a long ways in helping him get back in good standing after a series of past mistakes.

If this turns out to be the case, then it would also line up with the events in books. In fact, in the novel, Tyrion is haunted by his actions and frequently relives the scene of him strangling Shea. With the show not having a book to base the story from, it does make sense that it would incorporate this into the current timeline.

Whatever turns out to be the case, it seems very likely that Shae will be making her way back on the show in some capacity and that her visit was not simply a social one. That being said, it will be interesting to see how her character is included in Season 6 and how her appearance affects Tyrion.

Jason Momoa as Khal Drogo on Game of Thrones.
Khal Drogo (Jason Momoa) is also rumored to return from the dead in season 6 of Game of Thrones. [Image via HBO]

Meanwhile, the new season of Game of Thrones is set to feature a number of new characters, including Max von Sydow as the Three-Eyed Raven, Ian McShane (Deadwood) in an unknown role, Essie Davis (The Babadook) and Richard E. Grant as a group of theater members, and Pilou Asbaek as Euron Greyjoy.

Season 6 of Game of Thrones is expected to premiere sometime in the spring of 2016.

Tell us! Are you surprised by all of the characters rumored to come back from the dead for Season 6? Are there any other Game of Thrones characters you wish would return? Sound off in the comments below.

[Image via HBO]

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