‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Abigail Struggles, Sonny Leaves And Rafe Shares Stunning News With Gabi

This has been an emotional week on Days of Our Lives. Spoilers detail the drama is not over yet, though, and there is plenty ahead for Thursday’s show that fans will not want to miss. What is slated to happen on the October 22 show?

As We Love Soaps shares, Sonny Kiriakis is bidding farewell to Salem once again. Though many DOOL fans had hoped with Freddie Smith’s previous departure that a return could come together, nobody wanted it to be solely for the funeral of Will Horton. Viewers are glad that Smith returned for this short stint, as it wouldn’t have felt right for him to be missing, though fans are sad to see this chapter close.

'Days of Our Lives' star Freddie Smith
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Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that Abigail will be struggling with her feelings for Chad in the October 22 episode, as she seemingly visits him in the hospital. Viewers know that she has been torn between Ben and Chad for some time now and things have only gotten more complicated with Ben’s attack on Chad. Obviously, if she knew the truth about Ben’s actions of late she would easily be able to choose between the two men. However, for now, she will continue to struggle.

Celeb Dirty Laundry details that Rafe will be sharing some big news with Gabi in Thursday’s episode. Fans can feel fairly certain that this will be regarding Paige or Eduardo, though viewers will have to tune in to see exactly how much information Rafe shares at this point. How will Gabi react as the pieces of the puzzle come together for her?

Thursday’s DOOL episode will also showcase a bit more of Justin and Adrienne together. These two have had a rocky relationship lately and that is not going to end quite yet. Days of Our Lives spoilers share that Justin will have some advice to share with Adrienne, but whatever he says will not go over well.

It seems that Adrienne will be pushing Justin to stay out of her business. As difficult as things have been for these two lately, many DOOL fans have a hunch that better times are ahead for Justin and Adrienne as a couple. Just how will the tension dissipate and these two reconnect? Viewers will have to wait a bit yet to see what lies ahead on this front.

This week has brought forth a lot from Aiden regarding his plans and the show teases via Twitter that there is more coming on this front on Thursday, as well. Just how far will this plan go before someone manages to figure it all out and save the day? Fans know that this will be a front-burner storyline for the next few weeks, at least, and that it will be quite the juicy scenario as the battle lines are drawn.

There are plenty of big moments still to come on DOOL over the next few weeks. The show has teased big developments in November, when the show celebrates its 50th anniversary. Viewers have been hearing for months now about big character returns and there are mysteries yet to be solved. Though there are exciting returns ahead, there are still some key departures coming, as well.

Days of Our Lives spoilers for the next episodes tease an arrest in the Necktie Killer case, emotional breakdowns and heartfelt moments. More tragedy is seemingly on the way, but there are happy moments ahead, as well.

Just how will it all come together in the episodes ahead? Days of Our Lives fans cannot wait to find out.

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