WWE News: Update On Plans For The Undertaker And Brock Lesnar At ‘WWE Hell In A Cell’

WWE Hell in a Cell this Sunday will include a lot of interesting matches, but two stand out among them all, and both take place inside the Hell in a Cell match. Roman Reigns takes on Bray Wyatt, this time isolating Bray from the Wyatt Family making sure that he has to face Reigns one on one and beat him on his own. Meanwhile, the rubber match with Brock Lesnar and Undertaker take place inside the cell, and it is set to be a big main event.

Interesting note: This is the only time the same two men have fought each other twice in a one-on-one match in Hell in a Cell history. For those unaware, Lesnar and Undertaker fought over a decade ago inside the Cell and had one of the best matches of that year together. Paul Heyman was a big part of the last one, so one can imagine he might have a role in the match this Sunday as well.

WWE has a lot of plans for Hell in a Cell this Sunday, but the biggest of those plans might be regarding Lesnar and Taker due to it being the end of their rivalry. According to Cageside Seats, the word backstage is that Brock Lesnar will walk away with the win. However, if he does not, it will be due to an interference of some kind. Clearly, the interference will be the person he works with next.

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It is said that both Undertaker and Brock Lesnar are going to miss the rest of the year after this Sunday, so if someone interferes in the match, they will need to lay out Lesnar to a point that he cannot come back for a long time. This person might very well end up being his WrestleMania opponent. Since WWE is planning on that being The Rock — and it is unlikely he comes back this Sunday or has the capability of taking out Lesnar for months — the plan for Lesnar to win makes more sense.

The Undertaker’s WrestleMania opponent is not yet known, but he will not return until near that time as well. The only reason he was around as much recently was due to ratings and because the company felt he would be a great help on the Mexican Tour. With the lack of major Hispanic stars, the addition of Undertaker was said to have helped attendance greatly, so this was a good move by WWE.

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It makes sense for him to take off after this, as Hell in a Cell will be brutal on both men. This is certainly not a match many WWE Superstars want to do because it can turn into a massive issue within seconds. Just ask Mick Foley about Hell in a Cell to truly know the power it possesses.

The problem at the end of the day is that this does risk injuries for both men. Sting proved that any random fluke throw or suplex could cost you just a month ago, yet we’re throwing The Undertaker into a Hell in a Cell match. Regardless of what people want in safety, we know it’s not going to occur at Hell in a Cell. It is good because we know the match will be well worth seeing. However, it risks the health of The Undertaker now more than ever.

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin claimed that “this is the last time Undertaker steps inside a cell” on WWE RAW this past Monday. To many, this feels like WWE planting the seeds for The Deadman’s retirement. While this does not mean The Undertaker is stepping away for good at this point, it seems now more than ever that WWE is hinting at his ultimate rest and won’t be using him as often.

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