‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Daryl To Finally Get A Love Interest?

The Walking Dead Season 6 is off and running, and there are many threats this season. As the huge heard of zombies are dangerously close to Alexandria, Rick’s group, including Daryl Dixon, is busy trying to take care of the problem while the rest of the gang survived a brutal attack by the Wolves, which Carol helped stop. With all the drama, it almost seems silly to be thinking about romance, but spoilers and rumors are flying that one character may finally find love.

According to Realty Today, Walking Dead fans may see Daryl Dixon get a love interest. While many viewers waited for Daryl to develop some sort of romantic emotion towards Carol in the past, this may be the season that Daryl and Carol make an actual love connection.

walking dead daryl and carol in love?
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The site reports that it may finally be time for Daryl and Carol to give fans want they’ve been wanting and finally get together. The characters have had a connection for years now, which started when Carol’s daughter, Sophia, went missing and Daryl was the person most dedicated to finding the little girl. Unfortunately, Sophia’s fate was already sealed, as she had been bitten by a walker and later found as a zombie. That moment was heartbreaking for Carol and Daryl as Rick was forced to shoot Sophia.

After that, Daryl and Carol’s connection grew deeper, and Walking Dead fans began to push for the two characters to get together. The next big moment for the pair was when everyone thought Carol was dead after a zombie attack at the prison, the same attack that ended up leaving Lori dead after childbirth. Daryl made a grave for Carol even though there was no body and even left a flower on the grave. Later, Daryl found Carol hiding in the depth of the prison and carried her away to safety, saving her life.

When the group got separated after the fall of the prison at the hands of the governor, Daryl was lost with Beth, and fans began to ‘ship Daryl and Beth. Besides Carol, Beth was the only other character who Daryl actually opened up to and began to care about. Later, when Beth got kidnapped, it was Carol who went with Daryl to look for her. Sadly, Beth did not survive, and Carol was there to help Daryl pick up the pieces.

Will Carol and Daryl get together on The Walking Dead?
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Carol and Daryl also both have painful pasts. Both of them were abused but re-emerged as stronger, harder, and tougher characters. Carol, in particular, has become one of the most fierce characters on The Walking Dead after starting out as a timid and abused housewife. Is now the time for her to love again?

Viewers of the hit AMC show haven’t seen a good love story since Maggie and Glenn got together, as the show has continued to get darker and more dramatic. Even though Season 6 is set to be one of the biggest seasons in the series’ history, a light moment between Carol and Daryl will always make fans smile.

Meanwhile, fans better get used to seeing Carol on their TV screens. According to Design & Trend, Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman recently revealed that although Carol was killed off in the comic book series a long time ago, he can’t see himself killing the character off on the television show because of her spirit, growth, and overall love of the woman that Melissa McBride has brought to life on the small screen.

What do you think about the latest Walking Dead spoilers? Should Daryl and Carol get together or just continue to stay good friends?

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