‘The X-Files’ Creator Chris Carter Influenced By Talk Of A New World Order [Video]

The X-Files is still months away from a worldwide premiere, but, as a new trailer reveals a Fox Mulder doubting the truths he’d so forcefully believed throughout the first nine seasons of The X-Files, series creator and executive producer Chris Carter comes to terms with the changing face of television. The setting was the New York Comic Con, and it was there that Carter revealed that, behind the scenes, aspects have become so much more intense. Changing times have also given The X-Files showrunner a greater pool of subject matter upon which to base a new X-Files season.

The X-Files Presents A New Trailer And A Despondent Fox Mulder

As the return of The X-Files draws closer, fans are getting excited over the fact that the truth is still out there, but a recently released new trailer may be stealing the thunder from some fans’ excitement. The new X-Files promo features a Fox Mulder doubting himself and the basic beliefs that had driven his work for so many years.

“What if our work, the X-Files, everything we’ve been led to believe in, is a lie,” asks Mulder.


On the other hand, there is a feel that this single line is taken out of context and that there’s much more going on in this scene from the upcoming X-Files revival, which is usually the case. Instead of Mulder losing his sense of purpose, as Variety suggests of The X-Files promo, it seems just as likely that David Duchovny’s character has discovered a new sense of purpose. A new truth.

The episode titles for The X-Files revival certainly bear out the idea of an internal struggle for Mulder, as well as some episodes that suggest some brilliant stand alone stories:

  1. My Struggle
  2. Home Again
  3. Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Man
  4. Babylon
  5. Founder’s Mutation
  6. My Struggle II

One thing is certain: the cigarette smoking man is back and somehow involved in the New World Order…

Cigarette smoking man, The X-Files
The cigarette smoking man is back. Image courtesy of FOX/The X-Files.

The X-Files Creator Chris Carter Faces A New World Order

Chris Carter found that bringing The X-Files back was going to be more complicated than he originally thought, with the executive producer facing a marketing challenge from the very beginning. Carter says the addition of social media to the marketing equation created a more complex situation when the initial marketing meeting, which The X-Files creator expected to be a small gathering of five or six individuals, ballooned to a gathering of 50 people.

The X-Files creator added that showing the first episode at New York Comic Con left him feeling uneasy, because the premiere was still so far off.

“It feels like too much too soon. I just hope that the buzz — if there is any buzz — that it lasts until Jan. 24. That’s kind of scary to me, but it’s the world we live in.”

As for the actual stories that The X-Files will tell with this revival, Carter says that he’s found much to draw from in real life, including a secret space program that he stumbled upon, while attending a convention in San Jose.

“I’m paying attention to what’s going on online about talk of a New World Order, and a lot of conspiracy talk. I’ve gone to conventions. So it’s not like I’m making this up. There’s a lot to draw from.”

The X-Files, Fox Mulder, Dana Scully
Fox Mulder and Dana Scully are back investigating the paranormal. Image courtesy of FOX/The X-Files.

Mr. Carter added that doors are opening to the creative process at every moment, as far as what he would like to include in The X-Files. Chris says that he’s struck with a new idea every time he reads a newspaper, and X-Files fans will be excited to learn that Carter has taken enough notes to take the revival into another possible season.

Chris says he’d return for another season, as long as the other principle players were equally enthusiastic about returning, according to Comic Book Resources.

[Featured image courtesy of FOX/The X-Files]

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