‘iZombie’ Heads For Dark Times, Courtesy Of Max Rager

iZombie presented Liv Moore (Rose McIver) and fans with a seemingly run-of-the-mill murder case this week in “Real Dead Housewife of Seattle,” but even while Liv and Clive (Malcolm Goodwin) were getting dangerously close to uncovering some of iZombie‘s deepest plot twists, other characters were set upon paths that can lead to no good end.

Warning: Possible Spoilers Ahead!

iZombie‘s Liv Moore Is Only Seeing The Tip Of The Max Rager Iceberg

iZombie, Peyton, Ravi
Peyton (Aly Michalka) returns, surprising Ravi (Rahul Kohli). Image by CW/iZombie.

Even as the murder of Taylor Fowler begins to draw attention to Max Rager C.E.O. Vaughn Du Clarke, played to sinister perfection by Steven Weber, it seems Liv Moore might just be beginning to grasp the extent to which things have begun to spin out of control. If there is one force controlling all of the darkness that’s starting to seep into Liv’s life, that force would have to be Vaughn Du Clarke. While the Max Rager executive seems to be involved in two-thirds of the murders on iZombie, he also seems to have the ability to dig his clutches into anyone’s flesh. Except for Liv, of course.

Major seems content to keep doing Du Clarke’s bidding and reaping benefits like that fitness center rendezvous with Gilda (Leanne Lapp), but what will happen when Liv Moore finds out what her ex-fiance has been up to…and we know that eventually she must find out. iZombie fans hoping to see Liv and Major rekindle their romance will have to hope Major comes to his senses and crawls out from under Vaughn Du Clarke’s rock first.

“He’s not just going to sit back and take it all season,” iZombie showrunner Rob Thomas told We Got This Covered. “He’s been put in another pretty awful predicament, but part of the journey will be him trying to figure out a way out of it.”

Meanwhile, Peyton’s (Aly Michalka) return to iZombie was marked by her pledge to rid the streets of Utopium, which is the same drug currently keeping Major (Robert Buckley) from losing all grips on reality.

iZombie Has A New Big Bad, But Blaine Isn’t Out Of The Picture Just Yet

iZombie, Vaughn Du Clarke, Steven Weber
Steven Weber is sinister as Max Rager CEO Vaughn Du Clarke. Image by CW/iZombie.

Since the beginning of iZombie‘s second season, we’ve seen as much of Vaughn Du Clarke as we have of Blaine DeBeers (David Anders), and it seems the tainted Max Rager products turning people into zombies has served as a catalyst for Du Clarke becoming the new iZombie big bad. Even so, there are hints here and there that suggest Blaine will not go so easily off into that quiet night.

“I think Blaine still has some really fun, juicy stuff this year,” says iZombie‘s Thomas. “Blaine is going to try to become the crime lord of Seattle, and we eventually meet the current crime lord of Seattle and he will be a significant role as well.”

As Entertainment Weekly points out, iZombie has much to explain before the completion of their 13-episode season, though there have been some rumors that CW has requested the show to extend that to 22 episodes. In either case, there is an intricate web of drama being woven by the iZombie writers, leaving fans anxious to learn exactly what is in that secret Max Rager formula and who will help Major get free of Du Clarke’s clutches.

All of this indicates an impending conflict that, by the time it reaches its season finale crescendo, iZombie will have all forces of both good and evil clashing together in one intense battle royal.

The next episode of iZombie, “Even Cowgirls Get the Black and Blues,” airs on Tuesday, October 27, on the CW network.

[Featured image courtesy of the CW network/iZombie]

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