Khloé Kardashian, James Harden Split After ‘KUWTK’ Star Calls Off Lamar Odom Divorce, Source Says ‘Don’t Feel Bad For’ Harden

James Harden and Khloé Kardashian began dating over the summer, but their relationship was bound to change after all the time Khloé has spent at Lamar Odom’s hospital bedside.

According to a report from Hollywood Life, Harden found out that he and Khloé were no longer dating the same way everyone else did — via news outlets, Twitter, and text messages from friends. A source close to Harden reportedly told the website that Harden is OK with the situation.

“James found out about Khloe taking Lamar back from friends texting him and Twitter. After that, Khloe got to him and they talked. He is OK with it because he is focused specifically on a NBA Championship, MVP of the league and how to spend his $200 million from Adidas.”

Additionally, the source went on to tell Hollywood Life that the Houston Rockets player has a lot of good things going for him, even if his relationship with Khloé Kardashian has gone down the tube.

“His life is alright. He is not going to let heartbreak ruin all the good he has in his life. He lives by the code — everything happens for a reason. So don’t feel bad for him.”

E! News writer Natalie Finn echoed the comments made by the Hollywood Life source, reminding readers that celebrities don’t exactly date the same way normal people do.

In her article titled “Don’t Worry, Internet, James Harden Will Survive Khloé Kardashian’s Decision To Stay Married to Lamar Odom,” Finn says that unlike normal people, celebrities have the ability to jet around the country and throw huge birthday bashes for “flames,” making relationships appear to be more serious than they actually are.

Finn questioned whether the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star and the NBA MVP were really as serious as fans believed, and she wrote that Harden likely will be just fine.

“…The 26-year-old Harden is a big boy and a major celebrity in his own right, and it’s hard to believe he put all of his eggs in the Khloé basket over the summer and is currently crushed. More like, as a source told us this week, he’s being completely understanding of this shocking turn of events, acting as “supportive as humanly possible given the situation.”

Harden and Kardashian started dating in July.

The first hiccup in the short relationship of Khloé and James came when a photo of a man who was allegedly James Harden arose. The photo, which depicted the side and back of a man’s head, were taken and posted by a stripper. Instagram users immediately claimed that the man sitting at the stripper’s bedside was Harden, though the claim could hardly be confirmed.

Until Khloé opted to remain at Lamar Odom’s bedside, the relationship between Kardashian and Harden seemed to be good, at least in the eyes of the public.

Khloe Kardashian, James Harden, Lamar Odom love triange
Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom. Photo by Michael Bruckner/Getty Images Entertainment.

But on October 13, Odom was admitted to a Las Vegas-area hospital after an alleged drug overdose, and Khloé has remained at the side of her formerly-estranged husband ever since. On Wednesday, news broke that Khloé and Lamar had called off their divorce, and it became obvious that the relationship between Khloé and James Harden was finished.

Khloé and Lamar were married in 2009 after a whirlwind courtship and engagement, and the couple filed for divorce in 2013. In July, Khloé and Lamar finally signed off on their papers, but the divorce had yet to be finalized as they waited for approval from a judge.

On Wednesday morning, Khloé’s lawyer went before a judge and asked to withdraw the divorce papers.

Find out more about Khloé Kardashian and Lamar Odom’s canceled divorce in the video below.

[Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images Sport]

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