Katherine Webb Is Angry That America Saw Her Husband Naked In The Bengals Locker Room

Katherine Webb just doesn’t want people to see her husband naked.

The wife of Cincinnati Bengals quarterback A.J. McCarron was angry this week when a post-game segment on the team’s win over the Buffalo Bills accidentally showed about 45 seconds of player nudity in the locker room.


The segment actually got a few laughs on NFL Gameday Live, where the anchors couldn’t hold in their laughter as the not safe for work segment came to an end.

But it didn’t go over so well with Webb, who made her feelings known on Twitter.


But she wasn’t the only one upset. Bengals offensive lineman Andrew Whitworth, who was one of the players who appeared naked, was quite angry at the situation and said he saw it as an invasion of privacy.

He also called out the policy that allowed reporters in the locker room shortly after the game ended, saying access to players needs to be more controlled.

“Being a guy that has been a player rep and a guy that’s always been against this policy, it’s a great example of why the open [locker] room policy is old and needs to change,” said Whitworth in an interview with reporters on Monday.

“You can’t judge us off who we will and won’t accept into our locker room and then say all these things we have to do, but then also put us in a situation where every single day I have to change clothes and be naked or not in front of media. It’s just not right.”

The NFL was sorry about the incident, with Vice President of Communications Alex Riethmiller calling it a “regrettable mistake”

“We’ve already done a pretty thorough review of the procedures and processes that were dropped along the way to make sure it doesn’t happen again,” Riethmiller told Bengals media on a conference call.

Katherine Webb knows a little something about intense media attention. She first gained attention in 2013 when television cameras caught her — and frequently returned — while she was rooting for her boyfriend in the college football national championship game.

The game helped turn Webb, the former Miss Alabama, into something of a national celebrity in her own right.

But that attention cut both ways. When she posted a bikini picture earlier this year, many people attacked her slight frame. Webb said she was shocked when she saw people on social media calling her “anorexic, disgusting, you need to eat a hamburger, eat a donut, what happened, I’ve seen hotter, you look ugly… terrible comments.”

In a later interview with Extra’s Mario Lopez, Webb said she was shocked at the responses.

“I started getting in shape and working out, and you know I posted this picture when I took digitals at my agency… the response was just disgusting,” she said.

Webb had even more to say, taking to Instagram to defend herself against the critics.

“To all of you who think I need to gain weight or eat more, I eat just fine. I am 5’11 so I have a lot more places to put my calories,” she wrote. “I am tall, I eat just fine and also suffer from thyroid problems so don’t make fun of me or my body when you probably have problems of your own. I rarely react to this kind of stuff, but this really bothers me.”

It seems that Katherine Webb is just as protective when its her husband A.J. McCarron in the spotlight.

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