Drake’s Bling Oozes All Over The Strange, Funky Dance Moves In ‘Hotline Bling’

Explanations are needed, Drake. Bling appears to refer to those goofy new dance moves and other stylistic elements of the new video. But has Drake’s bling dazzled fans enough to learn the new moves they see and show them off in clubs, at parties, and on street corners across the world?

It depends on what Drake is trying to show people in his new video. Drake’s “Hotline Bling” showcases all sorts of off-balance, wacky dance moves. They don’t make Drake seem any less cool, but the whole thing does look a bit silly. This is just what Drake wants, and it’s all about showing off the contrast of the smooth, silky-voiced pop star with the kooky, self-conscious dance moves laced with bling. This fits his persona perfectly. And “Drake bling” are the only words that can describe the whole thing.


Drake’s “Hotline Bling” was first released back on July 31 on iTunes, courtesy of Cash Money Records. It took him almost three months to release a video. Drake was probably practicing his bling dance moves in the interim. It takes practice to look like a total dork.

Fortunately for Drake, he has a good supporting cast. The many fine women who perform their own bling moves help balance the awkwardness emanating from Drake. If they didn’t, if this was just Drake and some average dancers, then this video probably wouldn’t work. Fortunately, the supporting characters give it enough bling.

The video was released October 19 via Apple Music. It’s currently No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100, just below “The Hills” by The Weeknd. It’s creeping towards No. 1. If it does, Drake could hit a milestone in his career, getting his first No. 1 single. If not, it may remain in the archive of singles with weird dance themes.


If you are wondering who directed this showcase of strange, just look to the also Canadian, also mixed race, seasoned Toronto hip hop video magician known as Director X. He provides the minimal, futuristic setting for Drake’s hotline of overworked female call takers. And it’s no wonder the video was released via Apple Music, the bold gradients of color and curved lines look just like an iPhone home screen full of icons.

Hyperallergic hints that the unique look is perhaps a result of a collaboration with visual artist James Turrell. Drake hasn’t officially named Turrell as a partner, but Drake is known to have visited the Los Angeles County Museum of Art when Turrell’s work was on display, and has mentioned the artist as inspiration in past interviews. When he works up the nerve to fully hold up the artist as the source of style you see surrounding him, then Drake fans can get a sense of what sort of artistic ambitions led to Drake’s bling.


Drake’s “Hotline Bling,” in its small lifespan of not even three months, has already been covered in eccentric fashion by Erykah Badu. Sam Smith added house music flavor with a live performance of it on BBC Radio 1. Charlie Puth, newcomer and singer on this year’s pop anthem “See You Again,” joined America’s Got Talent veteran Kehlani for a lounge style version of the hit. Besides major artists like these, the bling has branched out over YouTube, getting interpreted and transformed by cover artists of all kinds.

As Vanity Fair reports, another side effect has been material. Moncler, the ones who made the jacket worn by Drake, another form of bling, had sales double soon after the video exploded into the public eye. Drake’s fans have to be fashionable. And with a $1,150 price tag, fan legions bought into Drake’s bling and created the trend that lined the jacket maker’s pockets.

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