Legends Of Tomorrow’s Arthur Darvill Gives Fans A Deeper Look At CW’s Rip Hunter

Legends of Tomorrow is still months away, but CW and TV’s first live-action multi-comic book character team has many fans very curious about the show. Legends of Tomorrow has also merely teased its characters and premise, but Comicbook reports that Arthur Davill of Doctor Who fame sat down to discuss Rip Hunter, the central character in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Rip Hunter is a time master, which seems in part why Arthur Darvill had a leg up for the role, as a former time traveler in a former character’s life. Darvill has read the Rip Hunter comics, and when asked what his take on the character will be, he said that he “couldn’t get a grip” on who Rip Hunter was.

“Yeah. Yeah, I think having read a lot of the comics, what’s quite nice is that I couldn’t quite get a grip on who he was, personality-wise. I think that’s kind of quite interesting. I love the idea that he’s very private and he has that kind of adventurous side but he doesn’t like to reveal too much of himself. But he’s got some dark stuff that’s happened to him in the past (or the future) that he’s dealing with. What I feel they’ve done so well writing-wise and what they’ve asked me to do with it is sort of exciting and takes it to a different place that it hasn’t been to in the comic books yet. I think that’s such an honor to be able to do, but I think the fans of the comic books will be very pleased with the way the character develops.”

One of the biggest question about DC Comics TV, and sometimes film, has been whether or not characters like Booster Gold will be adapted. Since Rip Hunter and Booster Gold have worked together on several occasions in the DC Comics multiverse, it would seem likely that Rip Hunter would work with him at some point in Legends of Tomorrow, but Darvill’s answer was less than helpful to fans.

Arthur Darvill as Rip Hunter

“I don’t want to say! Obviously in the concept of the show, they play a big role overall. So they’re definitely a big presence on the show, and I’ve only seen up to Episode Four script-wise, so I’m not quite sure if any of them are going to pop up. So we’re going to have to kind of wait and see. I wish I could tell you more than that, but what I know is very exciting.”

Rip Hunter’s character, though a member of the Time Masters, is said to have his “own agenda” in the comics and the CW show. So, that certainly will add an interesting element in the mix with all these other characters backgrounds, in the Arrow and The Flash, but also from the DC Comics.

Though, in all fairness, anything is possible in Legends of Tomorrow because it is TV property unto itself. There is no corresponding DC Comic book for this show, unlike its parent shows Arrow and The Flash. The Legends of Tomorrow team consists of the Atom, White Canary, Captain Cold, Heat Wave, Firestorm, and Hawkgirl, though, there are others that will be coming in and out of the show, as the showrunners have already stated this many times.

'Legends' of Tomorrow Trailer Cast

Hawkgirl is probably the most intriguing character, as far as Rip Hunter would be concerned, because of the fact that she keeps being reincarnated, so he ends up running into a different Hawkgirl all the time. Darvill remarked that he was “fascinated” by her character and couldn’t wait to see all of the characters’ interactions with different points of time. Though he could not reveal pretty much anything about the upcoming Legends of Tomorrow, he did mention that there would be a lot of time travel for all characters involved in the show.

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