Tracy Morgan Returns To ‘SNL’: Totally Brings The Funny And An Awesome ’30 Rock’ Reunion

Tracy Morgan is a comedian with a fighting spirit that leaves us in awe nearly a year since he was involved in a car accident that nearly cost him his life. After battling back from the coma the accident put him in, Morgan had a long road to recuperation, but he’s finally back in top performance and returned to his old stomping ground, Saturday Night Live (SNL) to bring viewers the funny once more. His return was such a joy that his 30 Rock costars actually had a reunion during his hosting of the show last night.

The car accident left Morgan suffering from severe brain trauma, as well as a broken leg, broken ribs, and a broken nose. The June, 2014, accident occurred when a Walmart truck had a violent collision with Tracy’s limo bus. The accident also took the life of Morgan’s mentor, friend, and fellow comedian, James “Jimmy Mack” McNair.

Studio 8H stage saw a much anticipated show on Saturday night, as Tracy returned to the show that put him on the map, and he returned with a whole lot of fanfare. Whether or not the comedian was still funny and able to deliver up those punchlines was not a worry his fans had as they camped out to get tickets to the October 17 SNL show. Many said it really did not matter if this SNL was funny or not, but the chance to see Tracy Morgan in action again would be well worth it.

“I’m back! It feels so good to be here.”

Along with the return of Tracy Morgan, fans were in for another huge treat as the cast of the Emmy-winning sitcom, which Morgan was a part of for its 7-year run, 30 Rock, also reunited on stage to give the comedian a show of love and support. Alec Baldwin, Tina Fey, Jane Krakowski, and Jack McBrayer all returned and reprised their iconic roles from the 30 Rock series. Morgan was more than excited to return to the place that fostered his comedic genius, the place that had been his home from 1996 to 2003. His friends and costars were also glad, and CNN Money reported that Tina Fey took the time to break character from her Liz Lemon character and give a heartfelt message.

“I just want to say one last thing, Tracy, from the heart and this part is no joke. We’re so happy that you’re okay and we’re happier that you’re ready to make people laugh again.”

The 30 Rock character, Tracy Jordan, was not the only old favorite that Morgan brought back to life. He also revived several other fan favorites, including a homeless man named Woodrow, Astronaut Jones, and his most famed role of Brian Fellow from “Brian Fellow’s Safari Planet.”

Morgan’s opening monologue was one of heartfelt sincerity by the comedian as he attacked the issue so many were worried about after his traumatic brain injury. In fact, during a tearful interview on NBC earlier this summer, Morgan confessed that he too was worried about whether or not he would be able to bring the funnyman that we all know and love. However, it seems safe to lay those fears to rest, as even from those opening lines, the comedian had people in the audience and at home doing what they do best when Tracy Morgan is on stage: laughing and applauding.

“I was in a terrible car accident more than a year ago. It was awful, but it also showed me how much love and support I have in this world … People are wondering. ‘Can he speak? Does he have 100% mental capacity?’ The truth is, I never did. I might even be a few points higher.”

Those at home also got to participate in the excitement that was Morgan’s return to SNL as the hashtag #WelcomeBackTracy was used to celebrate all over social media. Demi Lovato was the musical guest that night, and she also performed flawlessly.

NBC News highlighted that during his recuperation, Morgan took the time to reach out to Lorne Michaels, executive producer and creator of SNL, about his desire to return to the show as soon as he was back on his feet, and oh what a return it was.

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