Olivia Wilde Admits To Lesbian Encounter After Husband Jason Sudeikis Eggs Her On

Olivia Wilde has taken many racy roles on screen, but none of those compare to watching her squirm when pressed by her own husband, actor Jason Sudeikis, when he inquired about her same-sex past.

As reported by E! Online, Sudeikis interrogated Wilde into revealing a potential lesbian encounter in her past on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

Jason Sudeikis Gets Olivia Wilde To Admit To Lesbian Past
Olivia Wilde image via E! Online

“Have you ever dipped into the lady pond in real life?” Jason asked during the “Plead The Fifth” segment on Andy’s show.

Stunned, Olivia responded incredulously, “My man! What’s going on?” Finally, she gave in with a non-denial that revealed all. “I appreciate all people,” Wilde coyly stated to which host Cohen simply replied, “I will accept that as a yes.”

Meanwhile, Wilde also revealed her favorite onscreen girl-on-girl kiss, and the actress that topped her list may surprise fans. “Mischa Barton. Two thumbs up,” Olivia said, praising Barton’s kissing acumen.

All jokes aside, Wilde embraced the moment to stress the impact her same-sex role on The O.C. had, especially considering its depiction wasn’t as common on TV as it is today.

“When we were doing The O.C., I really thought we were doing the responsible thing by showing two young sweet girls in a real relationship not just having a sorority girls splash happy make-out. I joked about it inspiring a young generation of young lesbians, but I do think that it represented an alternative lifestyle for young women that I don’t think that had been fairly represented enough in young soapy drama.”

The subject of female roles in Hollywood also came up during a recent interview conducted by the Huffington Post in regard to Wilde’s new film Meadowland. Directed by Reed Morano, the film represents one of the few opportunities Wilde has had to work with a female director, something that definitely impacted the end result.

“It’s interesting because every relationship with a director is influenced by the project itself and that character you’re playing. Specifically for this film, it really enhanced the experience to have another mother making the film with me.”

Olivia Wilde Meadowland
Image via Huffington Post

Olivia also discussed the impact Viola Davis’ recent Emmy speech has had on her and the industry at large.

“Just as Viola Davis said in her speech at the Emmys, it’s about creating opportunities. You can’t win an Emmy if you don’t have the role. She said it so well because it’s not about saying, ‘OK, let’s give more attention and more money and more emphasis to the undeserved communities of filmmakers.’ It’s about, ‘Let’s not let the gender of a director sway the decision of a potential financier or executive at a studio. Let’s make it so it’s an even playing field at the start so that then it’s up to the director — male or female — to take it to that next level.'”

That’s not to say Olivia Wilde isn’t solely concerned with women’s issues alone. When asked whether or not she was more vulnerable in her roles on shows like FOX’s The O.C. Wilde quickly responded that men have their own issues to deal with as well, especially young male actors.

“Like, what’s a hunk?” Wilde asked. “I never thought about it being harder than the young men I was working with at the time.”

Whether or not that’s the case for all women in Hollywood today, it’s refreshing to hear a woman be so candid and open with her opinion. Of course, thanks to her husband Jason Sudeikis, Olivia Wilde may have gotten a little too candid for her own liking in the end.

[Olivia Wilde image via E! Online]

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