‘Kristy’: Halloween College Coed Slasher Movie Comes To ‘Lifetime’ Starring Ashley Greene And Haley Bennett

Kristy is a creepy new Lifetime movie that will premiere on Saturday, October 17. The horror thriller is directed by Oliver Blackburn and written by Anthony Jaswinski. It stars Haley Bennett as Justine, Ashley Greene as Violet, and Lucas Till as Aaron. In the sneak peak trailer for Kristy, we see disturbing images of dead people. Audiences are advised that the movie will deal with murders in the online realm, where “terror knows no bounds.” The fright is heightened when it is revealed that each murder victim is given the name “Kristy.” The action-packed film entertains themes related to violence, Satan, and stalking. The running time is 86 minutes.

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Kristy Synopsis

Kristy centers around Justine, a college girl who has decided to stay on campus during the Thanksgiving holiday due to financial difficulties. With her boyfriend going home for the holidays, Justine entertains herself by driving to a local store, where she encounters a hood-wearing girl who begins taunting her. Though, the incident was creepy, Justine is glad to be back on campus where she can enjoy some peace and quiet. At first, Justine finds it cool to be on the deserted campus, but her worst nightmare comes true when she is suddenly stalked by the same hooded girl. Desperate to find help, Justine runs until she cannot run anymore. Finally, in an act of bold defiance, she decides to confront the evil girl and fight for her life back.

If it sounds familiar, the movie Kristy was first released in 2014. It underwent several name changes, such as Satanic and Random — before finally settling on the name Kristy. The spine-tingling film is produced by David Kirschner Productions, La Sienega Productions, and Electric City Entertainment.

Those who have already seen #Kristy say that is a wonderful film that is well worth watching. Not a silly, ordinary slasher film, Kristy is a serious movie with a complicated and well-thought out plot. Kristy is a brilliant Halloween movie that is sure to keep Lifetime movie viewers shivering in fear.

Kristy is a unique-slasher film with a rather intelligent lead role.

JoBlo has kept up with all news regarding the production and release of Kristy since 2009. It took three more years before producers began filming in New Orleans, Louisiana, in 2012. It appears that this horror flick was slated to be a theatrical release at first. Lifetime movie viewers can expect to hear the song “Pumpin Blood” by rock, pop, and Indie band NoNoNo from Stockholm, Sweden. They are officially signed to the Warner Music AB label. NoNoNo group members include: Stina Wäppling, Tobias “Astma” Jimson, and Michel “Rocwell” Flygare, according to their bio. The song “Pumpin Blood” might be just as scary as the movie. Here are some of the lyrics to the spine-chilling song.

This is your heart, it’s alive
It’s pumpin’ blood
It’s your heart, it’s alive
It’s pumpin’ blood
And the whole wide world is whistling
And it’s whistling
Hey heart, on the run again, driving strong, forward
See the stars, won’t take his course
Got the band in the front seat

Twenty-seven-year-old actress Haley Bennett, also known as Haley Loraine Keeling, is originally from Fort Myers, Florida. Bennett began her career as a singer, before landing roles in Music and Lyrics, The Haunting of Molly Hartley, and Outlaw Country. Her co-star, 28-year-old actress, Ashley Green, is originally from Jacksonville, Florida. Prior to acting, the dark-haired beauty was a model, before landing her first role in a television commercial. From there, she took on roles including: Twilight, Americana, and Apparition.

Kristy airs on the Lifetime channel on Saturday, October 17, at 8 p.m. Ungoldly Acts and The Murder Pact are two other good Lifetime movies, according to previous Inquisitr articles.

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