'The Murder Pact': Lifetime Movie, Also Known As 'Tell-Tale Lies', Airs Tonight Featuring Music By Lindsey Stirling

The Murder Pact, also known as Murder Pact and Tell-Tale Lies, is an engrossing new suspense movie that is set to premiere on the Lifetime channel tonight. Directed by Colin Theys and written by John Doolan, The Murder Pact involves several rich university students who are involved in the cover-up of a friend's tragic death. It stars Alexa PenaVega as Camille, Beau Mirchoff as Will LaSalle, and Renee Olstead as Annabel. For those true-story movie watchers who may be curious about the inspiration for this movie, it appears that it isn't based on a true story at all. Though in the past there have been numerous murder pacts involving teens and groups of friends, according to The Internet Movie Database (IMDB).

In The Murder Pact sneak peak, we see a handsome guy and a pretty girl arguing on the roof of a building. During the heated argument, he asks the young woman where she's going, and she tells him to get off of her. Things go terribly wrong after he snatches her up by the arm, causing her to fall to her death. A student photographer below has watched the entire event unfold, and even grabbed a couple of photos in the process. The group of friends promise to keep the secret of what happened between them, until the photographer confronts one of them and demands that they pay her $4 million dollars---or she'll sing like a canary. It is then that they devise a plan to off the photographer before she exposes them. Will they be able to keep their unspeakable deeds a secret? Or will one of them tell it all?

Lifetime viewers can also look out for some great music that will feature in The Murder Pact. The songs will be performed by Lindsey Stirling from her album Shatter Me, so you definitely won't want to miss it. Be sure to tune in for this exciting mystery on Saturday at 8/7c on Lifetime. Last week, the Inquisitr reported on the Lifetime movie River Raft Nightmare and Fatal Flip.

Here is the official tease and trailer for Lifetime's The Murder Pact.

"After witnessing the accidental death of their classmate Heidi, a group of friends – four rich socialites – flee the scene, not realizing that Heidi's roommate Lisa witnessed everything. When Lisa starts to drop hints that she knows about the "accident," the friends decide they can't trust her to stay quiet, and plot to kill Lisa before she rats them out, burying her body beneath the floorboards in one of their basements. Before long, though, the guilt and paranoia starts to consume them, and they become convinced that Lisa may actually be alive and looking for revenge."
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