Chris Brown And Royalty Have A Dance Duet That Is All Kinds Of Adorable

It seems that Chris Brown may have passed on those dance skills of his to his adorable little girl. Not even 2-years-old as yet, Royalty is proving that she possess big talent in that little pint sized body and showed off some of her impressive dance skills on October 13 when she accompanied her dad to a photo shoot. The 26-year-old posted the precious video clip on his Instagram page and it could not be sweeter.

Epic dance skills are one of the undeniable talents that Chris Brown brings to the table and as he cleans up his act for his daughter, it is always a joyful sight to see the two together. Though little Royalty’s dance style may have some way to go to meet those of her celebrity father, it is clear to see that she has a passion for moving. Brown could be seen at the photo shoot, in the background of the video letting his baby girl shine before joining in the talent show as a back up dancer.

Both father and daughter sported similar red zip up jackets, Royalty tying her look together with matching red sneakers and shorts, while Breezy is in crisp white sneakers and blue jeans when they launched Royalty’s dance career.

The photo shoot where the sweet father-daughter moment occurred was being shot by with Vogue photographer and Lana Del Ray’s beau Francesco Carrozzini. Carrozzini also took some time away from being behind the camera long enough to take a picture with Chris Brown as well. Chris posted the picture of them to his Instagram and if his huge grin and playful pose did not say enough about his mood Brown gave a caption that spoke about his joy.

“Had a great time with this shoot!! My brother thank you for everything!”

Carrozzini also reposted the image and added some information that gave some insight into the presence of little Royalty at the photo shoot. The photographer causally revealed that they were shooting the album cover for Chris Brown’s new album that day. The encounter all makes sense, since it was announced that the new album would be named after Chris Brown’s precocious little girl. In other great news, the release date for Royalty was also recently announced! E! spoke of the fact that Brown gave an interview with Hot 97 earlier that same day and told the listeners and his fans that the album will apparently drop on the upcoming Black Friday, November 27.

Chris spent a great chunk of his time earlier this year in court fighting not to lose custody of his daughter to her mother, and the judge awarded him for the care he so deeply displayed. Brown now has joint custody of Royalty and seems to be making the most of it. The singer and his daughter have been spending a lot of time together lately, and it is heartwarming to see that Brown is on a path to a better, more stable lifestyle because of his love for Royalty.

In fact, ET mentioned how Australia seemed to deny Brown from entering the country over the summer due to the singer’s violent behavior in the past, an action they said was in the interest of helping to end domestic violence. Brown tweeted and took responsibility for his actions and urged others not to engage in domestic violence.

“I’m not the pink elephant in the room anymore. My life mistakes should be a wake-up call for everyone. Showing the world that mistakes don’t define you. Trying to prevent spousal abuse.”

Chris Brown has been gushing about his adorable daughter Royalty all over social media and the proud father calls her arrival, fate. Chris seeks to become the best father he can be to the little girl and that meant it was time for him to become an adult and walk a path that can be emulated by his daughter.

We all look forward to Black Friday and finding out if ‘Royalty’ has any tracks influenced by its name sake.

[Photo Courtesy Of Chris Brown Instagram]