Bradley Cooper Is ‘Limitless’ As Actor Of ‘Culinary Orgasms’

Bradley Cooper is proving to be a worthy commodity as he spreads his abilities between TV and movies, as well as acting and producing. Cooper is the executive producer of the new hit series, Limitless, on CBS, which is based on the 2011 film of the same name. Not only is Cooper working hard as the producer, but he also is in front of the cameras in the show reprising his Limitless movie role as Edward Morra. In addition, Bradley is hitting the big screen once again as the star of the movie, Burnt, which is opening in select theaters on October 23.

Posted by CBS on October 9 is the exciting news that Cooper will be guest starring once again in Limitless on October 27. The show has the same premise as the movie, in which a slacker’s life is opened up to limitless potentials when he takes NZT, an experimental drug allowing the user to employ 100 percent of his brain’s capabilities. A new character has taken up the main role every week as a slacker turned genius in the TV show. Bradley has reprised his movie character Morra, now a senator, to be a sort of guru for the main character, Brian Finch, played by Jake McDorman. Finch depends on Morra for inoculations to keep him from the health-destroying side-effects of the experimental drug.

Bradley Cooper is very busy these days keeping his acting abilities fine tuned with another big screen starring role in the new movie, Burnt. It is evident that Cooper takes each role as seriously as keeping up his good looking appearance and sparkling bright blue eyes. Burnt is about a chef named Adam Jones, played by Cooper, who seems “he’s made a few mistakes and a lot of enemies” as noted in the official trailer.

The movie is about allowing for second chances in life. With the goal of making his kitchen “the best in the world” and to make amends for past transgressions, Adam plays a head chef employing the best talent he can find, including Helene played by Sienna Miller. Noting “Cooking is an expression of who we are,” Cooper’s character continues, “We should be dealing with culinary orgasms.”

An October 9 People interview with Marcus Wareing, a British restaurateur and chef consultant who guided Bradley in the kitchen, revealed much about Bradley Cooper’s acting capabilities. The real life master chef, Wareing, along with his own team, fashioned the movie’s kitchen to be as realistic as possible. Along with writing specific recipes, the team designed the kitchen and restaurant, as well as the service style. As Wareing stated, “It felt like I was actually opening a restaurant.”

When asked by People, “So, how did he do?,” referring to Bradley Cooper in the kitchen, Wareing’s answer revealed that Cooper’s abilities as an actor morphed him into an excellent head chef as well.

“He’d watch me dress a plate and copy it almost identically. He’d say, “Is that okay? Are you happy with that?” And I’d stand back and think, “It’s taken me all my life to get here and you just do it straightaway!” He’s very good.”

In a tweet, Bradley Cooper revealed, “There’s no cooking double.”

Limitless is not Bradley Cooper’s first foray into TV. Cooper had played many television characters before he hit it big as a movie star. Bradley acted in the role of a chef in the 2005 to 2006 television series, Kitchen Confidential. Cooper’s character in the series, Jack Bourdain, is another chef who has issues and has been given a second chance. Perhaps, Cooper drew some of his knowledge for his Burnt character from that experience.

Cooper also made a big splash on the small screen from 2001 to 2006 in Alias and played Aidan Stone if the acclaimed Nip/ Tuck TV series. Confirming his vast abilities as an actor working in comedies like The Hangover franchise to dramatic roles such as in American Sniper, one can see proof of the consummate acting professional that is Bradley Cooper.

[Feature image by Dimitrios-Kambouris/ Getty Images]