Rihanna’s Personal Trainer Reveals How The ‘BBHMM’ Singer Stays Fit, Details Workout Routine

Rihanna is never shy when it comes to showing off her incredible body on Instagram or in magazine spreads, but how does Rihanna manage to stay fit despite her grueling schedule?

According to Rihanna’s personal trainer, Jamie Granger, it doesn’t take hours at the gym in order to achieve Rihanna’s picture-perfect body.

The Hollywood Reporter had an opportunity to work out alongside Rihanna’s famed trainer earlier this week while also gathering some helpful tips on how Rihanna manages her weight with the right combination of a balanced diet and calorie-blasting workouts.

During their Rihanna-inspired workout session, Granger put a group of editors and bloggers to the test by instructing them to perform a variety of exercises that mimic the training sessions she conducts with Rihanna on a daily basis.

Granger explains that she often has Rihanna doing everything from planks to sit-ups to a rigorous weighted-boxing routine in order to torch calories and keep the routine “fresh and exciting” for Rihanna, who reportedly works out “almost everyday.”

In addition to having Rihanna cycle, hike, and paddle in order to prevent her workout routine from getting stagnant, Granger also reveals that Rihanna does everything from “power lifting to plyometrics” to help maintain her toned physique.

Granger also explains how Rihanna has benefitted from using “compound movements,” such as squats, lunges, and a variety of plyometric moves, in order to keep Rihanna’s heart rate up during her workout and to maximize the number of calories Rihanna burns.

Granger further reveals that Rihanna, who has been named PUMA’s global brand ambassador for women’s training, focuses on compound and plyometric movements in order to get the most out of her workout seeing as Rihanna often only has 20-25 minutes to work out due to her busy schedule.


In addition, Rihanna’s trainer provided some excellent advice regarding how to balance one’s diet and exercise to maximize the benefits of their workout.

“The one thing is diet—it helps balance your hormones, it helps give you energy and control your mood,” Granger explains, noting that it’s also important to stay hydrated.

“It’s balance. If you want to eat a little more, you’ve just got to work out a little harder.”

While Granger highlights the importance of maintaining a balance between one’s diet and exercise routine, Rihanna is no stranger to making headlines for her love of pasta and convenience store-inspired snacks.

During her cover story interview with Vanity Fair, Rihanna reportedly chowed down on three half-portions of pasta dishes, including spaghetti Pomodoro with basil, gnocchi, and ravioli from her favorite L.A. restaurant, Giorgio Baldi.

Similarly, TMZ previously published a snippet of Rihanna’s food-related tour demands from her 2012 “777” tour, which includes the likes of Oreos, Haribo gummi bears, Capri Suns, Flaming Hot Cheetos, and stuffed olives.

Despite the calorie-filled diet, Rihanna admits to Vanity Fair that she “legit” spends an hour in the gym almost every day so that she doesn’t have to miss out on some of her favorite foods.

While Rihanna manages to stay on top of her workouts in order to maintain her figure, Rihanna, who bears nearly all in her cover story spread for the publication, admits that she’s done dressing nearly nude after making headlines for donning a sheer, Swarovski crystal-studded gown to the 2014 C.F.D.A. awards.

Rihanna reveals that she wanted something that looked “like it was floating” on her body for the event, but admits that she can’t show “no nipples, no sexy s***” for a while or people will see it as “a gimmick.”

Currently, Rihanna is gearing up for the release of her highly anticipated eighth studio album, ANTI, after revealing the cover art for the project in L.A. earlier this week.

What do you think of Rihanna’s diet and exercise routine?

[Featured Image Credit: Getty Images / Jason Merritt]